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Founded in the UK in 1995, AMI continues to set the trend as leading manufacturer of marine electronic equipment.  We have provided countless turnkey solutions for navigation and safety equipment, continually delivering an unrivalled track record of quality and reliability.

AMI manufactures quality navigation equipment including docking aids, VDR / SVDR, BNWAS, speed logs and is a global leader in offering a wide range of repeaters, interfaces and bespoke solutions.   As an ISO9001/2000 registered company, AMI offers consistent high quality, and holds numerous Type Approval and MED Wheel Mark certificates for its products.

X-Series VHF Recorder

Clear communications are a vital part of marine operations. The X-VHFR VHF recorder maintains, in a secure retrievable form, a record of communication and location data that may be used for training and education or for marine incident investigation. It may also be used in ports and harbours where local rules apply to some form of data recording for voice communications.

The X-VHFR VHF recorder is an economically priced and effective tool to assist operators of vessels exempt under current rules for carrying a voyage data recorder. The X-VHFR, in combination with a computer for playback, will construct an accurate history of events, whether it is for training and education purposes or for investigation and evidence purposes.

Voyage Data Recorders

AMI manufacture one of the most compact and reliable VDR/s-VDR systems in the world. It has been designing VDR systems since 2001 and its latest version, the VR2272B, is type approved Qinetiq and has received the coveted Wheel Mark standard.

For ships under 3,000gt and those not required to carry a voyage data recorder, the X-VHFR VHF voice recorder provides a cost effective means of recording VHF communications and vessel position at any given time.

Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)

BNWAS is designed to ensure that a vessel is under the control of the Officer of the Watch (OOW) at all times.  The OOW must reset the BNWAS within a set time period. It is a key item of equipment for companies running a “one man bridge” operation, where the vessel is solely reliant on the OOW to ensure its safety.  Should the OOW become unable to interact with the BNWAS the system it will enter a sequence of alarm stages:

  • Stage 1 - Audible and visual alarm local to the wheelhouse only
  • Stage 2 -Additional audible alarm in chosen Officer’s quarters
  • Stage 3 -Additional audible alarm further officer and crew areas

The AMI Marine systems do all that is required by regulatory bodies and more, each system can be tailored to your vessel.

Course Recorders

A choice of course recorders is offered as a direct replacement for the old electro-mechanical type course recorders. With differences in display type the units are compatible with most proprietary gyro signals and standard GPS equipment.  Each device accepts gyro heading and GPS date, time speed and position input. The data can then be stored on a local PC and also sent to the optional KW991-PRN dot matrix printer.

Ship Movement Information Display System

Navigating or manoeuvring in strong winds or currents and in confined waters requires great skill and places severe demands on masters and pilots. Reliable and accurate information on ship movement is essential to maximise safety, reduce the risk of structural damage to ship and shore infrastructure and minimise the threat of accidental pollution.

Highly sensitive, and accurate to 0.01knots, SMIDS will detect and display vessel movement instantly – often before it is visibly apparent – ensuring vessel movement is precisely controlled and corrective action can be taken at the earliest opportunity. It is the perfect solution for large vessels, those where bridge visibility is restricted, lightering, dredging and for ships that frequently manoeuvre without tugs in adverse conditions.


AMI Marine UK is a world leader in retransmission and interfacing products. As one of the most respected manufacturers in this industry, we are regularly approached by ship owners, managers and technicians to provide immediate solutions to their requirements.

Whatever your needs, the range of AMI retransmission and interfacing products will be sure to offer a solution.

Acoustic Beacon Tester

The KW907-BT is a low cost, hand-held Sonar Beacon Tester which is used to test the operation of the underwater locator beacon installed on all fixed protective data capsules of the VDR and S-VDR systems.

Engineers carrying out VDR and S-VDR annual surveys as well as Superintendents and Technical officers carrying out routine checks need to test the beacon located on all fixed data capsules.

NMEA Diagnostics Tool

The NMR183 is an innovative and vital piece of equipment for any engineer on the move, to read or transmit NMEA data for equipment testing.

Lightweight, compact and robust, the device was designed to be easily used in confined spaces, such as bridge consoles. With its bright LCD screen and rechargeable battery the NMR183 will give up to 2-3 hours of constant usage per full charge.

The NMR183 offers a “GPS Display” option that shows  GPS information including date, time, position, speed over ground (SOG) and course over ground (COG) in an easy to read format.


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