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We supply CNC machining from India to a number of UK, North American and European customers.

As well as supplying CNC machining from India, our services include sub-assemblies, engineering components and conventional and CNC machinery tools. Our manufacturing and procurement capabilities are industry leading. For any queries or details of our service, please get in contact now.

Machining India

For the highest quality and reliability, our capabilities in machining from India are a leading source for precision engineering components.

For a quality guarantee of our products and machining in India, all of our materials, products and services are inspected in-house to ensure customer satisfaction. For the most professional and comprehensive manufacturing and procurement service, we are your one source.

Machining India

Precision Engineering

As suppliers of sub-contract machining services to a wide variety of UK, European and North American customers from our base in Bangalore, India, we provide precision engineering components, sub-assemblies and complete machines using common and CNC machine tools.

Established in 1995, Rose India is owned and managed by A.M.P Rose UK. We provide professional and managed manufacturing and procurement services through the considerable engineering resource of the Bangalore area.

We are a leading supplier of high quality precision engineering components to a multitude of customers across Europe and North America.

Precision engineering products that we supply include machined components such as shafts, gears, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings, production tooling and pressed parts, as well as plastic moulded items. We also manufacture sub-assemblies and complete machines to bespoke requirements. Components can be produced using conventional or CNC machinery in batch sizes to suit the customer's requirements.

Off-shore sourcing of engineering components can generate considerable savings over existing sources of supply.

Precision Engineering

Precision Machining

Our precision machining capabilities include complex, machined components, produced on CNC machinery.

They include:

  • Horizontal and vertical machining centres
  • EDM wire-cut machines
  • CNC lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Laser-cutters
  • Spark erosion machines

As an expert precision machining company, we are able to produce parts from all grades of materials with appropriate heat-treatment and finishing if required.

Precision Machining

Conventional Machining

Purchasing lower volume machined components from us can be very advantageous. We can produce conventional machining products in batches as small as five pieces at a time.

Conventional machining types include:

  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Surface and cylindrical grinders
  • Horizontal and vertical jig borers
Conventional Machining

Plastic Injection Moulding

In addition to supplying tooling for plastic injection moulding, we can also produce the finished product.

Parts are manufactured on CNC/automatic plastic injection moulding machines from 50-200 tonnes capacity. Weights range up to 500g can be produced, whether it is a high tolerance engineering component or a bulk consumer item in general purpose plastics.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Die Casting

We supply tools and dies suitable for gravity and pressure die casting, plastic injection moulding, as well as progression tooling for pressed parts. The latest CAD software is used in the design of the tools. The most complex and sophisticated tools can be produced at a fraction of the cost of Western European prices. 

Tools and die casting products are manufactured from the highest quality, imported materials and pilot production facilities are available for tool trials/product samples.

Die Casting

Gear Products

A wide range of gear products are manufactured in our Indian facilities.

These gear products include:

  • Straight and spiral bevel gears
  • Helical bevel gears
  • Ground spiral bevel gears
  • Spur and helical gears
  • Worm and worm wheels
  • Racks and pinions
  • Standard or specially designed gearboxes
Gear Products

Forged Products

We can supply all types of cast and forged products including sand castings, lost wax (investment) castings and gravity and pressure die castings.

Specifications of forged products we supply include:

  • Sand castings that are fully machined ferrous and non-ferrous sand castings from all grades of grey iron, S.G iron, phosphor bronze and aluminium
  • Lost wax castings and investment castings that are fully finished, heat-treated and machined from a wide range of alloys
  • Pressure die and gravity die castings with the tooling and machined/un-machined gravity and pressure die castings
Forged Products

Sheet Metal

We are suppliers of all types of pressed and fabricated parts and sheet metal from all materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, spring steel and galvanized mild steel.

We use conventional as well as CNC machinery for the production of sheet metal and our various other materials. Using press brakes, turret punches and laser cutting machines, large or small components can be produced. We also supply progression tooling for pressed components.

Sheet Metal


We have been producing various types of processing and packaging machines principally for the food industries. Sales in India as well as exports to various countries have been achieved. We have all of the facilities necessary to produce modern machinery and sub-assemblies.

Facilities utilised in the production of sub-assembles and modern machinery include:

  • CAD design and drawing offices
  • Machine shop
  • Assembly area
  • Paint shop
  • Electrical assembly
  • Inspection department

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