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Lightning Transient Overvoltage Protection for Mains Power

All mains power lines entering or leaving the building are prime routes for lightning and switching induced surges and overvoltages to enter the electrical and electronic systems. Due to the large cross sectional area of these cables high current and voltage surges can enter with minimal attenuation.

By fitting Wallis Surge Protection devices in parallel with the incoming mains, surges and overvoltages can be reduced to an acceptable level. Protection devices are available for single and three phase as well as three phase split busbar systems.

The Number One Supplier For All Your Earthing and Lightning Protection Needs


  • Rods
  • Conductors
  • Connectors
  • Tapes
  • Earth Bars
  • Bonds
  • Clamps
  • Test Points
  • Plates
  • Air Rods
  • Marconite Compounds
  • Fixing
  • Bentonite Compounds

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Earthing Protection Equipment

A. N. Wallis are a major manufacturer and supplier of lightning protection, earthing and equipotential bonding equipment.

All equipment and fitting are designed and built to meet the exacting British standards. To ensure a high level of safety and protection for structures, buildings, people, contents, computers and sensitive electronic equipment.

  • Communication Projects
  • Infrastructure, Civil Construction Projects and transportation Systems
  • Generation Transmission and Distribution Projects
  • Industrial and Commercial Developments
  • Oil, Gas and Pentrochemical Projects

With an excellent reputation for reliability, quality, service and price it makes sense to select and install the Wallis range of products.

Earthing Protection Equipment

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A. N. Wallis - Quality Products Time After Time

Wallis has grown steadily and is a recognised leader in the manufacture of quality Earthing, Lightning Protection, LV Surge Protection and Exothermic Welding products. Wallis are proud to be accredited with BSI ISO 9001: (2008) and working towards ISO 14001 & ISO 8001.

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Wallis Earthing equipment & Cu-nnect Exothermic welding are used in the construction of power stations, substations & power transmission networks. Earthing materials produced by Wallis comply with the requirements of British Standard BS7430:1998 ‘Earthing’, & IEEE80. Lightning Protection is installed on buildings in order to protect life within the building as well as the structure itself. Wallis lightning protection products comply with the requirements of the British / European Standard BS EN 62305 / BS EN 62561.

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A. N. Wallis - Quality Products Time After Time

Design services

Earth Electrode Systems

Soil resistivity surveys

Earth electrode system Design

Installation Verification Audits

Overall System Testing

Testing & Inspection Service

Lightning Protection Systems

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Design services

Projects and Representation

 We have 60 employees and turnover is currently £29m with our main areas of activity in the UK, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. A.N. Wallis has representation in the following countries:

Bahrain, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, South Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Ghana, Northern Ireland, Oman, Qatar, Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Yemen.

Try Wallis as your preferred supplier for quality Earthing and Lightning protection products.

Projects and Representation

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