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With a collective experience of over 235 years, at Assay Office, we specialise in the precious metal analysis of various matrices in a variety of forms. As the largest assay office in the world, thirteen million articles of gold, silver or platinum passes through our laboratory to be tested.

We utilise a variety of methods for precious metal analysis in the following components:

  • High value complex concentrates
  • Bullion
  • Melting products
  • Recycled material
  • Catalysts
  • Electronic scrap
  • Other precious metal containing materials

Textiles Testing

At Assay Office, we offer a comprehensive range of testing for fabric, leather, textiles and plastics to ensure a wide variety of products meet the required safety regulations. Our textiles testing cover the following:

  • Azo Dyes - BS EN 14362 – 1 / 2 (Synthetic / Cellulose and Protein fibres) / BS EN ISO 17234 – 1 (Leather Products in Any Form)
  • Colour Fastness - we utilise a unique method accredited by UKAS to evaluate colour fastness or coloured costume jewellery beads which may be made from plastics, wood, glass, metal or other materials.

  • Formaldehyde - Textiles - Free and Hydrolysed / Released Textiles / Leather

We also cover many other chemical tests such as chromium in leather and the fibre composition of textile products for example.

Textiles Testing


As the price for gold and many other precious metals rises, so does the demand for reclamation. To meet these demands, we have responded by upgrading and investing in our melting facilities including new induction furnaces.

Our UKAS accredited laboratory can now offer a more efficient and faster melting service, utilising both traditional and new techniques to guarantee integrity.



We are the leading nickel testing specialist in the UK and our team of experts work regularly with the following organisations to undertake research and evaluate nickel testing and regulation:

  • Laboratory of the Government Chemist
  • The Nickel Working Group,
  • The Nickel Development Institute
  • The British Medical Association
  • NIPERA (the Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association)


The importance for lead testing has grown in recent months, especially with items intended for use by children. We test thousands of samples for lead content and recently, lead migration, to ensure many companies meet standard procedures.


ROHS - EN71 Testing

To protect both the consumer and the trade, we specialise in tests to ensure items such as jewellery and watches meet the EU regulations. Having high relevance in the watch and jewellery industry, there are two sections of European Legislation that restrict the level of potentially harmful metals.

ROHS - EN71 Testing

Quality Assurance Testing

At the laboratory, we have developed a range of quality assurance testing services for the trade of jewellery and precious metals and stones. Designed to protect the public and the reputation of the trade, our quality assurance testing service includes the following:

  • The determination of plating thickness and quality
  • Susceptibility to tarnishing for products and packaging
  • Scientific colour measurement of white gold alloys
  • Impact drop and adhesion tests
Quality Assurance Testing


Antibacterial dressings and preparations that contain silver are alternative medicinal methods for treating and preventing the development of resistant bacteria and infections due to the over-use of antibiotics. The extraordinary biocidal properties of silver have lead to it being included in a wide range of 21st century products.

We have experience working alongside pharmaceutical companies to test the concentration of silver in dressings.


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