Ancorite Surface Protection Ltd


Ancorite Surface Protection Ltd was established in the 1950s. 

With offices in Sandbach, Middlesbrough and Cork, we operate throughout the UK and Ireland. The business is based on the protection of surfaces from corrosion stresses - mechanical, chemical and temperature.

As a member of FeRFA and using products from many major manufacturers, we supply and install many lining systems including:

  • Resin floors
  • Anti Static or Conductive floors
  • Vibration and Traditional Tiling
  • Acid Brickwork
  • Terrazzo Floors
  • Refractory work
  • Rubber linings
  • Bund linings
  • Nuclear decontaminate
  • Hygienic wall coatings
  • Corrosion resistant coatings
  • GRP Pipework

Ancorite also provides ancillary services including:

  • stainless steel channels
  • gullies and kerbs
  • white wall panelling
  • screeds
  • concrete substrates

Terrazzo Flooring

Ancorite provides decorative and functional polished polyurethane and epoxy terrazzo systems for the Pharmaceuticals, Commercial and Retail sectors.

Terrazzo Flooring

Polyurethane Terrazzo

The polyurethane terrazzo system is designed as a heavy duty decorative floor suited to the pharmaceutical market where the use of aggressive solvents and cleaning agents can attack less resilient floors. The product with the introduction of carbon fibres and copper tape matrix provides an anti-static surface, a prerequisite for pharmaceutical cleanroom flooring. Ancorite have been a market leader in the marketing and installation of this system in recent years. The resin matrix is laid and cured before the floor is ground using diamond headed grinding equipment, this is grouted and polished to provide a smooth decorative finish. Projects include GSK Ulverston, Irvine, Kenya and Montrose, Janssen Cork, Novartis in Grimsby and Cork, Macfarlan Smith in Edinburgh, BMS in Swords and Cruiserath, Sanofi at Fawdon, MSD at Rathdrum, Clonmel and Hoddesdon, Allergan in Westport and Shasun at Cramlington

Epoxy Terrazzo

The use of different coloured resin and stone mixes, including glass, marble, mother of pearl and mirror glass provide an opportunity for specifier’s and end users to provide a unique floor. This system is becoming popular in the commercial retail markets for Shops, Receptions and Atrium’s. The resin matrix is laid and cured before the floor is ground using diamond headed grinding equipment, this is grouted, polished and sealed to provide a smooth highly decorative finish. The same finish can be supplied for stairs and skirting by pre-forming the terrazzo mix, the inclusion of anti-slip stair treads can greatly enhance a reception area. Projects include Central Middlesex Hospital, 08 Place in Liverpool, Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, Marker Hotel in Dublin, Manchester Airport, Belfairs School in Southend, Belron in Egham, Swansea Train Station and New Street Station in Birmingham

Epoxy Terrazzo

Resin Flooring

Ancorite is a leader in the specification and application of polyurethane and epoxy resin coating and screed systems.

Ancorite can offer the use of an extensive range of coatings for warehousing, bund linings and plant rooms, ranging from Acrylic concrete hardeners to coloured high build coatings. Applicators for the BASF Mastertop, Flowcrete, Resdev, RSL, Sika and MC Dur range of products.

These systems range from a single coat water based sealer to high build epoxy systems, these can have a quartz aggregate strewn in to the body of the resin to provide anti-slip effect.

Projects at GSK at Harlow and Irvine, Pembroke Power Station, Drax Power Station, Royal Mint Llantrisant, Ensus Wilton and MSD in Brinny.

Resin Flooring

Resin Screed

Ancorite supplies and lays heavy duty epoxy and polyurethane resin system, from 2mm to 9mm for a range of applications in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Chemical and Utility Industries. The  company offers the BASF Ucrete system, Flowcrete Resdev, RSL and Sika among the range of products offered.

These systems provide a medium to very heavy duty floor for high impact and highly stressed environments and can be provided with anti-static properties.

 Ancorite also offers a range of decorative quartz and flake epoxy and fast curing MMA products for a range of environments.

Coving to match the floor is available together with stainless steel or aluminium trims to finish.

Major projects have been carried out for clients in the food and drink, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Ceramic Tiling

Ancorite has a wide range of skilled tilers for a variety of tiling methods. These include the traditional method for floor and wall tile application, the vibration technique and acid tiling. This is used in applications for the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, motor & retail sectors.

Ceramic Tiling

Traditional Tiling

This technique includes the use of ceramic tiles bedded and jointed/grouted in cement or epoxy. Ancorite has experience in using a variety of materials, including Slate, Limestone and Granite. This system is used in retail developments, car workshops and in the industrial sector.

Projects have been successfully completed in hospitals, food processing plants and for a National Trust site.

Vibration Tiling

This system provides a fast track solution for tiling. The Ancorite Vibro SD tiling technique includes a semi-dry modified (polymer or fibre) screed that is laid onto early stage concrete sub-base. A hexagonal or rectangle vitrified tile is laid onto a polymer slurry and the tile is secured into the screed with a rolling plate vibrator. This whole sequence is undertaken with the same working day and minimises requirement for screed or concrete cure. An epoxy or cementitious grout is applied soon after to provide a superflat, hard wearing decorative tiled floor. This has been used extensively in the food and beverage industry, but has become popular in the pharmaceutical industry and for main dealer car workshops. Ancorite promotes the use of the Argelith range of tiles for this application.

For heavily stressed areas, the Ancorite Vibro HD System has a glass cloth reinforced epoxy under the tiling to reduce permeability and is most suited for the brewing industry.

Projects have been completed for the food, pharmaceuticals and motor industries. 

Corrosion Resistant Tiling

This system has been traditionally used for areas of flooring that are under attack from severe chemical and solvent attack. The Ancorite CR system may be the choice in primary pharmaceutical and chemical environments. The use of a chemical resistant membrane as a secondary barrier, a specialist mortar such as epoxy, furane or vinyl ester together with a vitrified tile provides an impervious barrier against most aggressive chemicals and solvents. The use of a carbon filled mortar and a wire grid provides anti static properties, a requirement for many pharmaceutical applications.


Vessel Lining

Ancorite specifies and installs a variety of alternative linings for many chemical processes that require corrosion and thermal protection. These specialist systems are predominantly required in the Chemical, Steel, Power and Galvanising Industries.

These systems include;

Brick Lining

Rubber Lining

Polymer Resin

Vessel Lining

Brick Lining

Ceramic and carbon bricks have been traditionally used for primary chemical processes that act as corrosion, abrasion and thermal protection. With the use of a specialist range of mortars and membranes they provide a barrier against aggressive chemical processes. Ancorite is an approved installer for:

  • KCH-Steuler range of rubbers, Keranol mortars and acid brick brick linings.
  • KNIGHT-WARE™ range of PYROFLEX™ acid resistant sheet lining, Duply membrane, Permanite mortars and Knightware brick linings.

Ancorite has the experience to provide and install linings for new constructions, repair and maintenance work. Areas of work include Steel Pickle Tank strip and re-lines, Sulphuric Acid Tower Linings, HCl Reactor Linings and Acid Effluent Pit Linings. Ancorite can also supply the steel vessel together with vessel internals, nozzle sleeves and tower packing. Our maintenance capabilities include rapid response to leaks and emergencies, Ancorite holds in stock a large range of the bricks, mortars and membrane materials required to carry out repairs. This, together with our ability to mobilise trained and experienced installers, means that Ancorite can offer a unique service. Major projects have been successfully completed for clients in the chemicals, petrochemicals, steel and general process industries.

Brick Lining

Rubber Lining

Rubber Linings are used for primary corrosion protection in aggressive chemical environments. They can also be used as membranes behind brick linings where thermal and abrasion processes limit its use. Ancorite offers a range of pre-vulcanised and post vulcanised rubbers for installation Uses range from FGD Absorbers and tankage to pumps and spools. Ancorite uses the Steuler-KCH range of rubbers. Ancorite has a dedicated, experienced and mobile workforce that can be mobilised quickly for maintenance and emergency shutdown work. This includes shotblasting and steel preparation. Ancorite is also able to provide shop lining services for components that required cured rubber linings. Projects have been carried out at power stations, chemical and petrochemicals plants and steelworks across the UK.

Rubber Lining

GRP Pipework

Ancorite supplies and installs GRP and Plastics Pipework for many applications where abrasion and corrosion protection is a requirement for the handling and distribution of liquids.

We have excellent suppliers for pipework sections and purpose made fabrications. Our pipework is spiral wound and comes with silicon carbide abrasion resistant lining.

We have skilled personnel with experience of maintenance work and new constructions. Projects have been successfully completed at many UK Power Stations.

GRP Pipework

Polymer Lining

Ancorite supplies and installs the International Paints, Rema TipTop, Flowcrete and Steuler-KCH range of polymer based resin systems. These include vinylester, polyester and epoxy coatings and laminate systems for primary containment vessel linings, secondary containment bunds and power station high temperature gas ducts. Applications to both steel and concrete substrates. The range of systems is extensive and is able to meet a wide range of protection. Ancorite has the expertise to specify suitable materials and provide a turnkey package, including existing lining removal, grit blasting and lining application together with the supply of a range of equipment and services for working in challenging environments. 

Brickwork Installation

Ancorite has a wide range of experience in Refractory Brickwork installation ranging from high temperature dense brickwork through to lightweight low thermal mass brickwork linings. Ancorite has the experience to provide a suitable specification and installation for new construction and maintenance. The areas of work include steel reheat furnaces, petrochemical heaters and crackers, incinerators and secondary systems. 

Brickwork Installation
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