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PPL-Polution Prevention

All responsible organisations know they have to comply with the oil storage, liquid handling, drainage and disposal regulations and take all necessary steps to prevent pollution. Many companies don't possess sufficient specialist knowledge or resources to assess their problems and make informed decisions or simply prefer to call in the experts from the outset.

PPL"s regular clients include health authorities; bus, rail and haulage operators; prisons; banks; government; military and public & private companies, large and small. The main concern of the environment agencies is pollution from oil so this is where PPL's common sense, hands-on approach is often of most benefit to clients.

Other services include;

  • OFTEC tank and pipe inspections (required by clause 27 of the Oil Storage Regulations)
  • Separator (Interceptor) Inspection in accordance with PPG3 and EN858
  • Tank and Pipe integrity testing
  • Alarm/gauge inspection, installation and calibration
  • Drain tracing and mapping
  • Site sensitivity surveys
  • Tank and pipe renovation, removal or replacement
  • Licenses waste disposal
  • Incident clean up
  • Spill response planning and training
  • Product supply and installation

PPL are more than happy to carry out any of the works as the survey dictates. Our in-house expertise and large network of approved specialist partners allows us to cover all eventualities nationwide. Our newly formed Tank Installation Service lead by one of the UK's most respected experts adds another professional element to our repertoire.

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