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The Andover range of concentrated load trailers offer configurations from the tandem axle 28t gross trailer up to the five axle 95t gross trailer. Andover step frame trailers have a reputation for low unladen weight, strength and stability, with a very high resale value in the used market. With larger machines being carried on step frame trailers, this range has been designed and constructed as a four member frame trailer to give strength for loading wide machines, and benefit from continuous inner members for strength when loading over the rear.

Peripheral necks are used to maximise the lower deck length which gives Andover the longest lower deck length when operating in overall length limits. We offer two types of extendible trailer, the standard continental centre spine trailer and the stronger outer box extender. Although the outer box trailer does not extend as far as the centre spine trailer it is stronger and serves as a better plant trailer. Uses for this range of trailer can vary from bodied forklift trailers, to pavers and rollers, access machines, excavators, planers, and military tanks and equipment. Another variation on two of the models is the semi sloper, which is ideal for pavers and rollers where more use of the full deck space can be used.

Plant Bodies

The Andover range of low profile plant bodies is without doubt the market leader in the UK , copied by many manufacturers, and set the standards for the industry. With unrivalled strength and massive range of options, these bodies cover trucks from 7.5t gross up to 32t gross. Special steel crossmembers give the body the unladen weight and the body works as part of the truck chassis. The body can also act as a crane subframe for cranes rated up to 24t/mtrs and above this a spine subframe is used. Tell us what you want to do with the vehicle and we will work out the ideal wheelbase of the truck, recommend the tyre equipment and work through the options with you.

Is it for access equipment or excavators? Does it need a crane? Single beavertail, double beavertail or a hydraulic beavertail? These are just some of the points that need to be covered. Andover has a body for every application including bodies to work with our centre balance draw-bar trailers. Hewden Plant, H E Services and One Call Hire are some of the fleet operators using our bodies. We have the option of fitting curtain sided bodies to our plant bodies used for carrying road sweepers and forklifts. The detail that goes into the Andover body makes it truly ‘Better by Design’

Drawbar Trailers

The Andover range of drawbar trailers cover weights from 6t up to 24t and come in centre balance and conventional configurations. Andover offer plant drawbar trailers, and distributed load trailers for operation with or without bodies. The trailers are offered with deck heights from low loader height on 17.5 tyres to the truck height on 22.5 tyres. Centre balance trailers come in single, tandem and triaxle configurations, for use as brick and block trailers, plant trailers for pavers, planers and general plant, boat trailers, and general goods trailers. The conventional 'A' frame trailer is mainly used when weight distribution is a problem. These have been used for planers, excavators, agricultural equipment as well as general goods and parcels. Models of the 18 and 24 tonne trailers have been designed to work with the Andover low profile plant bodies fitted with hydraulic beavertails. Trailers truly ‘Better by Design’.

Hydraulic Neck Low Loaders

Andover Trailers offers a choice of hydraulic detachable low neck loaders, the full width neck with independent lifting levers, or the narrow designed Goldhofer neck. The full width neck couples to a four member deck which is fix welded to the rear bridge. This trailer is offered in two, three or four axle configurations and can be fitted with fixed or self tracking axles. This type of trailer is for the operator who does not want the worry of steering systems, but is looking for a basic, very strong trailer. This type of trailer is also ideal for some export markets which require a strong trailer on 20" wheels and steel suspension.

The narrow neck power steered trailer is a much more sophisticated trailer, available with a wide range of options. Two, three, four or five axle configurations are available with a choice of decks - the standard trailer comes with fabricated boxes on the outside of the deck. Air or hydraulic suspensions are available and UK spec trailers come fitted with 19.5" tyres for heavier axle loads. Goldhofer steering equipment is offered as standard - the best in Europe - with remote or radio control as an option. Hydraulic necks come as 35t or 45t to couple to 6x4 and 8x4 trucks, or with a jeep dolly. Good quality hydraulics running at low pressures, pivots in double shear and well balanced and designed frames are why these trailers are ‘Better by Design’.

Specialist Trailers

Specialist trailers cover a wide range of equipment, from step frame trailers for Brit European, a converted car transporter into an animal transporter for Chipperfields Circus, steel bodied tippers and step frames for Bosnia to trailers to carry sewage machines in Estonia , radar equipment in China to oil field trailers in Russia . A lot of these trailers may never be repeated but it is getting more and more difficult for customers to find manufacturers who are willing and have the skill to design and manufacture these products.

Customers come to us with a load they wish to carry or something they have to load, problems in all shapes and sizes - there are not many problems we cannot resolve. Some specialist projects will be seen by other operators like the new wheel box forklift trailer and turned into part of our product range. Andover Trailers prides itself in listening to the operator, after all they use the equipment every day. Our function is to engineer your requirements which is why Andover specialist products are ‘Better by Design’

Export Trailers

Andover Trailers offer standard UK models made to meet regulations for an export market, as well as trailers designed specifically for continental markets. Examples of this are the trailers we make for Europe , the Baltic States and Russia where they base their regulations on those used in Germany . Low unladen weight, braking, lights and dimensions are all part of these requirements.

The trailer designed for a specific market may require a strong frame, heavy duty strong suspension with good ground clearance, basic braking and lighting which makes a rigid strong trailer. This type of trailer was sent to Bosnia which included heavy duty steel bodied tippers, tandem and tri-axle step frames. Other special trailers have included step frames for China and Siberia , low loaders for Nigeria and flats for Africa . Understanding the conditions is all part of making trailers ‘Better by Design’.

Bevola Toolboxes

Andover Trailers is aware that toolboxes are important to drivers, how many times have we all seen toolboxes held together with a ratchet strap? On the lookout for a quality toolbox Andover started talking to Bevola from Denmark . Bevola offer stainless steel boxes, galvanised boxes and plywood boxes. You can also specify a combination of finishes like the galvanized box with the stainless lid or even the plywood box with the stainless finished front panel. What attracted us to the Bevola box was their superior quality.

Good quality catches, well sealed doors, enclosed hinges and a breather in the back or side of the box. Doors can be hung from the top, bottom or sides and the steel boxes have a plywood lined base. Andover stock two sizes of box, 970x476x476 for the plant bodies and 970x350x500 for drawbar trailers and low height vehicles. Special orders can be placed for toolboxes including boxes with slide out shelves for ratchet straps. Contact our sales team for details on the full range of boxes available. By specifying good quality options to fit to your vehicle helps make it ‘Better by Design.'

Trailer Safety Lights

There is a problem with unloading trailers and plant bodies in the dark and because of Andover ’s stringent commitment to road safety, it has introduced two types of Safety Light. The original light was the clip on system where you remove the light from the ramp and clip it onto the side of the vehicle.

This still has to be used with some plant bodies due to the size of the original truck lights. The new system, first used on trailers for Clee Hill Plant, saw the lamp assembly fitted to a sliding mounting plate, so the driver only has to release the catch and slide the light out and gravity rotates the lamp as the ramp lowers. Andover also offers reflective tape and extra red lights in the middle of the trailer, but all operators must ensure they load and unload where it is safe. Andover is always willing to talk to customers about safety matters which is why the Andover product is ‘Better by Design’.

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