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Andrews Automation are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of integrated conveyor systems and materials handling system solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, cold storage and industrial facilities.

We offer a comprehensive service that provides standard or bespoke solutions that enable customers to reduce operational costs and maximise return on investment.

From specification to installation, with full after-sales support, we work in close partnership with all customers to deliver competitive, value for money system solutions to deadlines.

We offer an in-house control systems capability allowing us to offer the very best in system conceptual design and 'After Sales' support.
We can cater for all your conveyor systems.

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet Conveyors

Our extensive range of Q89 powered roller and chain conveyor equipment is specifically designed for handling palletise product up to 2000kgs.

Our Q89 equipment has been installed in a range of warehousing environments including cold storage, general warehouses and manufacturing plants.

All our Q89 series pallet conveyors equipment is easy to install and run, and offers excellent ROI cost benefits from the outset along with the following points ;

* Excellent ROI cost benefits
* Easy maintenance
* Modular design integration
* High load capacity
* Longevity

We offer a full ‘Turnkey’ solution to all handling requirements with our ‘In-house’ control system capability including integration of ancillary equipment such as Robotic Palletising, Stretch Wrapping, Strapping, Profile Checking, etc.

Pallet Wrapping & Strapping

Andrews Automation work with customers to drive down process costs and increase efficiencies with wrapping and strapping solutions.

Our expertise in this field recently helped one customer reduce wrap media costs alone by £20,000 a year. This was an added bonus to the efficiency saving from the automated handling system.

We provide integrated or stand alone pallet Wrapping and Strapping solutions built around a number of machine design formats. They can be used in either vertical or horizontal modes and address either plastic or steel-strap media.

We are able to integrate machines these within existing materials handling systems or provide bespoke integrated systems to your specifications.
See our website for all your Pallet conveyor system needs.

Pallet Elevators

We offer a range of Q89 based PALLET ELEVATORS design to service multi-level conveyor handling systems.

We can handle loads in excess of 2000kgs.

Our Elevators can be incorporated into existing system or supplied as part of a Turnkey system with our Q89 powered roller and chain conveyor.

See our website for all your Pallet conveyor system needs.

Robotic Palletising

We have considerable experience in robotic palletising integrated systems and work with all the leading names- Kawasaki, ABB and Motoman etc. This shows our pallet conveyor solution at work.

Consequently we can specify and integrate the best solution in a system or work with your existing or preferred equipment.

For more information on our pallet conveyors , please see our website.

Automatic & Manual Ride on Transfer Car

Our range of COURIER Transfer Cars can be both driver-driven (Ride on) as well as fully automatic as standard.

Full ‘CE’ compliant safety systems allow for the option of either containment with a full perimeter guarding system or operation unguarded.

We offer both BATTERY and MAINS powered options. The battery powered option allow easy installation and movement within a building. Battery duty is selected to give 24hr operation if required. Easy battery changing facilities are provided as standard, to allow sub 1 minute changeover and return to production times.

The COURIER incorporates our standard Q89 Roller Conveyor in virtually any configuration. Other conveyor options can be offered subject to design assessment.

Cold Storage Conveyors

Cold storage environments that require special low temperature rated conveyor system are one of our specialities. However harsh your environment is we can modify our standard power roller conveyor to operate in conditions down to -30° C.

Again, our Cold Storage conveyor equipment has stood the rigorous test of numerous industrial installations, over many years.

If you require an integrated solution for a cold store conveyor system call and talk to us about it - we can provide advice and expertise plus examples of how we can solve integrated conveyor system issue in uniquely cold conditions.

Wood & Furniture Industry Conveyor Systems

A large part of our sector expertise is in providing integrated conveyor systems for the Wood and Furniture manufacturing Industry.

Our extensive range of Q70 series non-powered roller conveyors form the basis of cost effective solutions with a proven track record in industry,  both in terms of functionality, Return-on-Investment and upgrade path.

Belt Conveyors

The Q76 belt conveyor system comprises different types of belt conveyors and sorting belts developed to meet various handling needs. The conveyors are used in a variety of different industries such as Wood & Furniture manufacturing, laundries, libraries, printing houses for waste paper etc.

The Q76 system comprises curves and horizontal and inclined belts for light, medium-heavy and heavy goods. The customized conveyor solutions are designed on the basis of these standard units.

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