Angle Ring Co. Ltd.

Angle Ring offers the UK’s most comprehensive steel bending service from their single site in the heart of the UK.

Sections from 20x20mm angle up to the largest beams available can be curved and, with dozens of machines bending a variety of sizes every day, set up for low volumes is no problem, and we often produce single bends for prototype work, or small contracts.

A complete range of services is offered, including cold rolling, hot bending (induction bending), press braking, plate rolling, spiral bending (helical stairs etc), tube manipulation and heavy plate forming.

Heavy plate items can also be prepped and welded where required and all on our single site premises giving us total control over quality and accuracy.

We produce bends for a complete range of services from ducting flanges and balustrades to curved sections for prestigious projects and high QA projects in power generation.

Angle Ring Specialise in:

Section Bending Services 

Plate Rolling 

Curved Steel Bar and Tube

Pipe Forming and Bending 

Press Braking 

Spiral / Helical Bending 

Angle Ring Co. Ltd. Overview