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We supply a variety of access equipment including fork truck mounted access cages (or access platforms) a variety of steps, ladders and towers and mobile work platforms.

Our range of ladders includes step ladders, extension ladders and combination ladders with the addition of steel and aluminium warehouse steps and scaffold towers.  Most factories will have a set of extension ladders and mobile warehouse steps for specific tasks or just for maintenance operations.

Fork truck access platformscan be supplied in a fold-up design if space is limited and are a cheap and versatile means of access within the workplace.  Our fork truck access platforms are available for 1 or 2 men plus tools with a variety of options available.

We also supply powered scissor mobile work platforms, which are exceptionally mobile, are generally battery powered and can also be trailer mounted.  Indoor and outdoor (all terrain) models available.  Manually operated portable work platforms are a cost effective option for a range of applications.

In conjunction to our access equipment we also offer a range of height safety equipment such as safety harnesses, webbing and rope lanyards, anchor points, fall arrest blocks and rescue devices.  Fall arrest blocks can also be fitted with a retrieval device that can be used to winch the person up or down in a rescue situation.  Advice from our sales team is always available should you need it


Our range of construction equipment includes a huge variety of lifting accessories and well as various hoists (electric hoists and air hoists), manhole lifting equipment, fork truck attachments, height safety equipment (as described in Access Equipment above), winches and vacuum lifting equipment that may be of interest.


Our range of lifting accessories includes different lifting slings (chain slings, webbing slings and wire rope slings) that come in standard sizes and can also be made to order.  Shackles are often used in conjunction with these slings and also come in many different capacities and sizes.  Available in alloy, mild steel and stainless steel.

Eyebolts are often used as an anchor point to lift a product or as an anchor point.  They can also be used for a height safety anchor such as on the wall of a building, however, they will need to be accredited to EN795.  For awkward loads or where a load is turned a swivel hoist ring or rotating lifting point can be the answer.

We also offer more specialist lifting equipment in this area for drum lifting, pipe lifting and pipe laying hooks, manhole lifting, vacuum lifting etc.

Vacuum lifting equipment can be supplied with battery power, mains power or self-suction (no external power required).  Our manhole lifting equipment consists of a variety of pins, grabs and clamps suitable for lifting manhole rings and covers.

Our range of fork truck attachments includes the access platform as described in Access Equipment but also many others such as the jib attachment that converts a fork truck into a mobile jib crane.  The jib attachment can be of a fixed length or telescopic. 

Other useful attachments for use on a construction site are a tipping skip often used for waste material and the sweeper to keep the site clear.  If drums are being used then a drum lifting device may also be useful.

The most common hoist used on a construction site is a probably a manually operated hand chain hoist or hand chain block.  However, many more exist such as the electric scaffold hoist or the more conventional electric hoist.

The electric hoist is available with either chain or wire rope – electric chain hoist / electric wire rope hoist.  Air or pneumatic hoists are available for hazardous or arduous environments.

In some cases a mobile gantry will be required on site as a portable lifting point.  We offer several options manufactured in mild steel and also from aluminium.  Features include compact packaway design and on some models the option to adjust the height.  We also supply Davits that are another type of lifting point often fitted on site at water and sewage treatment works.


Our range of lifting equipment is simply huge and incorporates other areas mentioned in different sections Construction Equipment, Materials Handling Equipment.  We have tried to separate the range of products into different paragraphs below.


Hoists can be manually operated, electrically operated or air / pneumatically operated.  The big advantage of a manual hoist is that it can be moved to an area without a power supply and used immediately.

Manual hoists come in two different designs, a hand chain block (hand chain hoist) or a lever hoist (pullift).  As their name suggests a hand chain hoist uses hand chain around a pocket wheel to lift and lower a load whilst the lever hoist uses a lever.  Each hoist can be supplied with a standard length of chain or longer if required.

Electric hoists can be split between electric chain hoists and electric wire rope hoists.  Air hoist options are air chain hoists only.  Generally the electric chain hoist is used for capacities up to 2000 kg and the electric wire rope hoist for larger capacities.  The air chain hoist is ideal for arduous environments or areas where a spark proof design is required.

Fork truck attachments include access platforms and drum handling / drum lifting equipment.  Access platforms can be supplied for one or two men with different options available.  Drum handling equipment can be used to lift one or two drums, tip drums and also rotate 180 degrees.

Fork truck jib attachments include fixed and telescopic jibs, fork mounted hooks, fork tine hooks, fork extensions, tipping skips, sweepers etc. as well as fork / load protection.

We offer several designs of cranes, gantry’s, davits and tripods / shearlegs that can be supplied with standard dimensions or made to order.  Overhead crane designs include overhead cranes - single and double girder, lightweight manually operated push/pull cranes.

An alternative is a post or column mounted jib crane.  These can be supplied in different designs to suit the area it will be used.  Engine cranes are a portable device that folds up for easy storage.

Mobile gantry’s offer a cost effective solution when it can be moved and used in different areas.  We offer steel and aluminium gantry’s with different design options.  Davit cranes are useful in certain situations and can be used on its own socket or shared between several sockets

Our range of ‘off the hook’ lifting accessories include eyebolts (including rotating lifting points and swivel hoist rings), eye nuts, bow nuts, shackles, hooks, webbing slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, clamps and grabs, lifting magnets, lifting beams and spreader beams.

Specialist off the hook lifting equipment include reel turners to manipulate reels of material from the core and/or outside diameter and vacuum lifting equipment to lift porous and non porous material in the horizontal plane with 90 and 180 degree rotation also available.

Hydraulic equipment that we supply includes hydraulic jacks and a range of rams, pumps and hoses as well as associated accessories.

We also offer hydraulically operated mobile and static scissor lift platforms and a wide range of trucks such as pallet trucks and stacker trucks.

Winches vary from a simple trailer winch to a hydraulic Tirfor winch with a petrol power pack!  Tirfor offer a range of pulling winches where the wire rope passes through the winch body allowing any length of rope (special Maxiflex wire rope) to be used - the standard and lightweight Tirfor (also available with a hydraulic power pack) and Minifor.  We also offer a range of manually operated drum winches to cover a huge range of applications.  Powered drum winches can be air or electric.

Useful accessories include snatch blocks, shackles and a range of webbing, chain and wire rope slings.  The snatch block can be used to reeve the winch wire two or more times to increase its capacity.


Materials handling equipment can be split up into 5 groups.  Skates for load moving along the floor, trucks for moving a load above the floor, stair climbers for moving a load up and down stairs mobile and static lift tables for moving a load at varying heights and restraints for securing a load.


Load moving skates can be the basic rugged caterpillar design, a more easy to move nylon roller design or fitted with air bearings.

Stair climbers can be manually operated, however, the powered option offers the operator total control moving large heavy loads up and down stairs safely.  Different designs exist depending on the weight of the load to be lifted.  We also offer Certified training as standard.

Scissor lift tables can be mobile or static with manual, electric or spring operation.  Different designs exist for static scissor lift tables with the hydraulic power pack inside (standard design) or outside the machine (low profile design).  Load restraints or cargo restraints can be used for holding loads on lorries, in containers and a variety of other applications.  We offer two basic designs – chain and webbing.


Personal protective equipment or height safety equipment covers a huge range of equipment.


There are various anchor points designed for different situations such a wall mounted eyebolts, clamps that can be used around a steel beam and slings that allow a more versatile option.  We also offer a range of different karabiners for connecting components together.  These include different hooks, connectors and manucroche.

We supply single and twin leg lanyards made in rope and webbing with fall restraint and fall arrest designs.  Fall arrest designs come with a webbing shock absorber to limit the shock load during a fall.  The twin leg lanyard is ideal for scaffolders as they can ensure they are always connected to the scaffolding even when moving around.  Retractable lifelines are used to prevent a fall (some with a retrieval option) and work on a similar principle to a car seat belt.

We offer various safety harnesses with a different number of connection points for different applications.  Tripods with winches are supplied for confined space access and we also offer safety evacuation devices.  If you can’t find what you are looking for we do offer specifically designed solutions to customers problems such as roof safety systems.


We offer several options of weighing equipment that can be used from a hoist or crane, on the floor or mounted to a pallet truck.


Off the hook devices include digital load cells, mini weighers and crane weighers.  A crane weigher is a larger version of a mini weigher with a bigger display.

Floor mounted devices include platform scales, weigh beams, U frames and compression load blocks.  Platform scales are normally used in a fixed location whilst weigh beams and U frames can be easily moved to a different location.  Compression load blocks can be used separately or built-in to a special weighing system.

Pallet trucks with a built-in weigher offer a versatile solution to weighing throughout the factory.  A load shackle or load pin can be built-in to a device to provide data.

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