Anglian Archives


With over 20 years experience Anglian Archives have built a reliable and efficient business in the field of Professional document & Data Management. Now with 2 storage locations in England it allows us to reach clients in every corner of the country.

Document File Storage

Documents are key for any business so to keep documents safe is vital as it will hold crucial information about the business or your trading. At 2 secure locations we provide document storage which is protected by high skilled security as well as the building being constantly monitored to prevent the destruction of any information.

Document Scanning Including Large Format

As one of our many services, we offer scanning for all documents to be transformed to a 'pdf' or a 'tiff' to allow you have access to that document when and wherever you wish. We offer a range of different resolutions for each scan so personal preference would be the difference between a high resolution to a low resolution.

Confidential Document Shredding

Once the retention period comes to an end we also provide document shredding but only upon approval by the client. All documents will need to have signed approval before the shredding commences and the client does have the option to receive a certificate to say that there document has been shredded successfully.

Backup data/disk rotation

Back-up media or data is crucial as it will provide the client with security over their documents as they will have their back-up in the event of loss of document. We provide high performance fire rated facilities with fire resistant wall lining and high performance doors to keep your data safe.

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Archive Storage Boxes

For transporting documents we provide our archive boxes that come in two different grades; heavy duty brown boxes and standard white boxes. Both grades are 100% recyclable and are perfect to keep your documents safe in transit.


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