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We have a selection of cash counters for both notes and coins. Our top of the range cash counters are suitable for all currencies and some designs have built-in forgery detection functions.

Our cash scales weigh coins and bank notes and show the total values of the money counted. This enables you to count all till contents in less than two minutes. All our cash counters are quick and easy to use and are extremely accurate and reliable.

Forgery Detection Equipment

We stock a wide range of forgery detection equipment.  Our forgery detection equipment detects both genuine counterfeit notes and forgeries.

Products include:

  • Ultra-violet forgery detectors
  • Check-a-note
  • Forgery pens

Counterfeit Detection Devices

We supply a range of counterfeit detection devices used on a variety of notes including English, European, US Dollars and many other bank notes.

Our simple and easy to use counterfeit detection devices have been developed to help solve and oppose counterfeit crimes.

Money Counters

We have a comprehensive range of money counters. Our money counters are ideal for large or small retailers.

If you require affordable, fast and easy to use money counters, we have the products for you. For more information on our money counters, or any related product or service, visit our website.

Note Counters

Our note counters offer fast and accurate counting of all your bank notes.

These note counters offer the function of storing the count into their memory. This is then transferred directly onto your PC.

Electronic Currency Detectors

Electronic currency detectors have up to four-counting speeds and have the ability to count mixed notes.

The electronic currency detectors come with the equipment to enable you to download the data onto your PC. Our electronic currency detectors are state-of-the-art, as are all of our other products.

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