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Computer networking: Whether it’s the Installation of computer network cablingie Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6/fibre often called structured cabling or data cabling through server room design and installationto network security – It’s what we do.

What financial value to you put on staff PC’s working reliably? Or on losing opportunities through lost time? Your network is key and a structured cabling installation is part of that key investment. On occasions one sees installations done by non-IT trained tradesmen (electricians) and these are the sites that fail to deliver reliable server performance later on. It is the only part of an IT investment that cannot easily be upgraded. Many computer-networking problems can be traced to poor cable installation or mis-matched network equipment. You have only one chance to get it right, so get it right first time.

How will you establish who will complete your work to your high standards ? Download the evaluation questionnaire from our website and use it as you spec out your job and look for suppliers.

Apart from our guide, how will you judge ? We achieve exacting standards; we have completed the assessments necessary to be allowed to offer manufacturer backed warranties for our systems. Because we use premium cabling products from people such as krone, seimon, avaya/systimax and Nexans and because we test our installations using high performance test equipment from Fluke we can offer full warranties for our work.

Our computer Networking professional services are offered in areas beyond server setup. For example, security devices such as firewalls or the so-called UTM boxes that guard the network at the point of entry against viruses, spyware, spam, and malicious code on web-pages (which bypasses traditional AV software).

We also install other related technologies - eg building to building wireless links; OFCOM regulated microwave systems have ranges up to 10 miles at gigabit speeds thus replacing leased lines etc. We also install building monitoring systems/UPS systems/TCP-IP based Closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems.

We have published a range of design guides for specifiers/facilities management companiesand procurement professionals,so regardless of what stage your project is at, you will be able to find some useful resources on our web site which is accessible from the link above.

Emphasis on Quality & Reliability

A well installed structured cabling system doesn't happen by accident, it happens by design. Working to the Standards issued by the TIA and BICSI we can advise on how to layout your building's infrastructure to help you achieve your aims, point out common short cuts that many less critical installers/designers make to cut their costs, (not necessarily their price!).

We get regular repeat business because our emphasis is on quality ; in return you get guaranteed performance; remembering that while you can easily upgrade software & hardware, in an occupied building its almost impossible to replace a faulty cabling or other infrastructure - you have one chance to get it right! 

In a nutshell, we deliver better solutions by being better.

Geographic Cover

We cover the M4, M3, M5, M6, M40 & M42 Corridors ie London, Heathrow, Reading, Bracknell, Newbury, Oxford, Swindon, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Exeter, Gloucester, Worcester, Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Wales, and indeed anywhere from the South-West or South East of England to the Midlands. By county, we have Surrey, Hants, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Warwickshire to name a few.

Our services listed

  • Surveying Services

  • Server Room/Comms Room/Datacentre design Services

  • Server room Air conditioning

  • UPS Systems for server rooms

Will the limiting factor for your server room be inadequate power and/or air-conditioning capacity ? Don’t let it be – speak to us about your server room specification before you put it out to tender.

Applicable standards: TIA 942, MOB PF2 PS.

Glossary: Cabling

Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 - cabling standards for structured cabling.

OM1, OM2, OM3, SM1 - Multi-mode and Single-mode Grades of Fibre optic cable.

WAN - Wide Area Network, our definition is a system that connects multiple buildings via leased lines from British Telecom or other Telco's.

Point to Point links: install laser beam based networking or RF based wireless secure connections.  We are now able to install wireless systems at gigabit speeds due to the release of 80Ghz and expected release of 60Ghz frequencies by Offcom.

Glossary: Standards

TIA - Telecom industry association. The body that sets the Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, OM1, OM2, OM3 & fibre optic structured cabling standards.

BICSI - A professional body for the telecoms industry having a major interest in server and data room design standards.

Raised Floors: a system whereby 600mm square tiles are used instead of floorboards. They are easily lifted to gain access to underfloor services. Applicable standards are TIA 942, MOB PF2 PS

Comms Room - a room that usually contains the structured cabling patching cabinets and/or ethernet switches.

Server room; a secure air-conditioned room where the companies IT systems/servers are installed.

Datacentre; a larger version of a server room.

Glossary: Network equipment

Ethernet. The now universal standard for indoor computer networking.

TCP/IP. A method of formatting the data transmitted between devices using a universal standard; This means that computer can now view pictures from a CCTV system many miles away provided the camera is IP enabled and connected to the internet! The same applies to many other applications eg telephones, alarm systems etc

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply, basically a battery backed system to maintain mains power during power cuts.

PoE - Power over Ethernet. A standard that allows VoIP telephones to work without needing a mains connection.

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