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ANT Telecom is a system integrator with over 30 years’ experience helping businesses keep their staff contactable and safe no matter where they are or what environment they are working in.  Our product portfolio consists of all the latest system technologies including PBX, IP DECT and Digital Radio as well as complimentary services such as fixed lines, broadband and mobiles.  Our range of products enable us to design best of breed solutions around customers’ specific needs so that they can leverage the maximum out of their investment.

We operate in all areas and industries nationwide including manufacturing, security, hospitality, food and drink production, utilities and petrochemical (ATEX).  Our success in these industries mean we are ideally placed to help any customer, no matter the challenges they face and deliver a solution that works for them.

Communication Overview

We can help you communicate with your customers better and more cost effectively than you have before.  We offer a full range of products and services such as fixed line, PBX, broadband, video and mobile services making us a one-stop shop for all of your telecom requirements.  We like to listen to our customers, understand their challenges and provide excellent advice and solutions.


Businesses face challenges in keeping their operations running at full capacity and ensuring that repairs and maintenance happen quickly and smoothly.  Responding to alarms and alerts efficiently, communicating effectively in difficult environments, and ensuring the safety of lone workers, are key aspects of meeting these challenges.

ANT Telecom understand these issues industries face and provide a range of the latest mobile technology that enable staff to respond quickly to any event, anywhere onsite.  Our portfolio includes IP DECT, VoWiFi and Digital Radio as well as stand mobile contracts and handsets.    Our team of highly trained engineers also have the skills to integrate existing systems so alarm information generated by i.e. process line machinery is forwarded to the person or team responsible to deal with that request.

Lone Worker Alarms

Lone working is also a common factor; often sites will be large, in remote locations, or have underground areas with machinery that requires maintenance in isolated or even hazardous environments. All of these factors add new dimensions to the safety risks and operational challenges these industries face.   ANT’s continued success in providing lone worker systems to businesses in the most difficult of environments means that we have expert knowledge of what is required to meet regulations, fulfil obligations to your staff, and ensure that your sites run as smoothly as possible.

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