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Antech Hydraulics Ltd is a UK based hydraulic equipment supplier and power unit manufacturer. We offer a full range of products and services ranging from system design to world wide installation and commissioning of complete packages.

We have a fully equipped service department which provides breakdown support, system maintenance and component repair. Our service engineers also carry out regular pro active maintenance and contamination monitoring for a number of our customers.

We have a vast experience of hydraulic machinery including marine equipment, machine tools, plastic injection moulding, agricultural, crushing equipment, material handling and industrial machinery.

Antech Hydraulics are distributors for Staffa, Kawasaki, Hawe, RMF, Schroeder, LJM and Sterling hydraulic equipment. We are also suppliers of Rexroth, Vickers, Denison, Sun Hydraulics, Yuken, Hagglunds, UFI Pall, Stauff & Hydac Filter Housings and Filter Elements.

Staffa Motors

ANTECH are appointed distributors for the range of Staffa hydraulic motors offered by Kawasaki Precision Machinery UK Ltd. Staffa motors are trusted worldwide to deliver exceptional performance and solid reliability. They utilise hydrostatic balancing techniques to achieve high efficiency, combined with good breakout torque and smooth running capability.

Various features and options are available to suit specific applications.

•    Capacities from 50 to 6800 cc per rev
•    Fixed, dual or quad displacement
•    Up to 250 bar max continuous pressure
•    Output to 25000 Nm. Continuous power up to 430kW
•    Unique hydrostatic balancing provides minimum wear and extended life
•    High volumetric and mechanical efficiency
•    Large variety of shaft and porting options
•    On dual / quad displacement motors, the pre-set displacements can be selected with ease when the motor is running including a freewheel option
•    Also available in a continuously variable version using either hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic control methods
•    Highly accurate electronic positional and velocity control systems available
•    ‘Digital Smart Motor’ with integral fully submersible shaft torque sensor system can be used for winch tensioning systems up to a motor shaft torque of 25000 Nm

If you’re looking for a Staffa motor for a new application, or need to replace an existing motor or pump, we can help.

Kawasaki Pumps

We are a leading UK distributor of medium/high pressure axial piston pumps manufactured by Kawasaki Precision Machinery (UK) Ltd. Our most popular model, the medium-high pressure K3VL, has been developed for the global mobile and industrial markets.

K3V, K3VDT, K3VG, K3VL, K5V and K5VDT units in single and tandem forms are all available. Dimensionally interchangeable with Rexroth A10VSO and Vickers PVH74, the K3VL can be easily retrofitted to many existing power units.

Kawasaki offer ranges of pumps from 22.5 to 560cc/rev at pressure up to 400 bar with manual, pilot operated, solenoid operated and proportional control options

UFI Hydraulic filters

ANTECH provide the full range of UFI hydraulic filtration products, including suction, pressure and return filters. Air filters with a capacity of up to 20,000 l/min are also available. The range extends through to standard reservoir accessories such as filler breathers, level gauges and float switches. UFI filters can be specified with a clogging indicator, to give a visual or electrical indication and to get an exact indication of the right time for filter element replacement.

UFI offer filter element cross-references into many of the major manufacturers’ products, offering you the opportunity to save money while maintaining (or even increasing) the protection of your equipment

NTZ Filters

ANTECH are the exclusive UK importer of NTZ Micro Filtration products.

By working offline or in bypass, NTZ filtration removes solid particulate far smaller than full-flow inline filtration. Typically in the 1 micron to 5 micron range, these abrasive wear particles are highly damaging to all components, but in particular servo valves, fuel injectors and other sensitive components where even the smallest particles can cause failure. NTZ elements will also remove water as standard.

NTZ can be fitted from new or easily retrofitted to existing systems. Popular applications include:

• Industrial and mobile hydraulics
• Gearboxes
• Diesel generators
• Gas turbine and wind turbine lubrication systems
• Ship’s engines, hydraulics and lubrication systems
• Automotive transmissions and engines

Flushing Rigs

ANTECH have several custom built hydraulic flushing rigs available for hire on a daily or weekly basis.  Their compact size and portability, using integral wheels, allow easy positioning on site. The units are also capable of being positioned by fork-lift, and have the following capabilities:

    - Flow rates up to 67 litres per minute
    - Pressure testing up to 210 bar
    - Cleans down to 5 micron using built in filtration
                                        - Pulsation flushing using built in accumulator

The hydraulic flushing rigs can be hired ‘wet’ (installation and removal at your site is undertaken by our service team) or ‘dry’ (installation and removal undertaken by you). For further information and details of our low hire rates for the hydraulic flushing rigs, please contact us today.

Des-Case Breathers

Des-Case desiccant breathers are air filter and water vapour removal systems designed to replace traditional breather caps on fluid containing reservoirs, storage tanks and gearboxes. The desiccant breathers prevent the ingress of moisture and solid contaminants in these systems, thereby improving performance and reliability, prolonging oil life and reducing component failures.

LJM Cylinders

LJM Hydraulik designs, develops and manufactures hydraulic cylinders for the mobile, industrial, power generation and food industries. Lloyds and DNV-approved cylinders are available in certain ranges.

Cylinders are available in 25mm to 320mm bore with strokes up to 6000mm. There are a variety of mounting options.

Hydraulic Power Units

Engineered for superior performance, ANTECH specialise in custom-build, hydraulic power units to meet customer specifications. Electro-hydraulic, diesel, petrol, AC & DC versions are all available.

High-efficiency, low-noise pumps are used to produce smooth hydraulic fluid output. Highly effective filtration systems protect against contamination that degrades system performance and damages machinery.

ANTECH hydraulic power units are still going strong after years of reliable service. Increasingly, engineers and designers are choosing the level of hydraulic control and power provided by ANTECH systems.

Hydraulic power unit’s range from 0.16kW - 1000kW delivering flows of up to 1000 litres / min and pressures up to 700 bar.

ANTECH offers a standard range of power units which offer complete valve packages and manifolds integrated into a power unit to provide a compact solution to almost all requirements.

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