Antistat - The ESD Control Centre Ltd

Antistat Capabilities

From our Ipswich base we supply the electronics industry with an outstanding range of products and services.

These extend well beyond the comprehensive ESD listing for which we are best known.

Our four divisions comprise:
  • Antistat ESD Product
  • Antistat Production Consumables
  • Antistat Supply Chain Management
  • Antistat New Industrial Solutions
In our way we are helping the UK electronics industry become more efficient and more competitive.

Industry Sectors Serviced
  • Electronic Contract Manufacturers
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
Service Quality

In a recent independent market study Antistat customers were universally positive about the outstanding quality of service they were receiving from us. We know the priorities of our customers in the manufacturing industry and we model our service on these - responsiveness, competitive pricing, fast delivery, honesty, and a working relationship that means you can trust us implicitly.

Specialist Knowledge

We dont just trade, we advise too on a broad range of topics. Hard to find products? Legacy components? ESD Standards? Supply control and logistics? Just ask its all part of the Antistat service.


Delivery is such a straight forward process, but we are told that such a lot can go wrong, lateness, missed items, poor paperwork and of course the unexpected carriage charges that wreck your costings.

With Antistat you can forget all that. Very simply, we guarantee to deliver on time, we agree supply contracts in advance, and we stick to our agreements.

Antistat - The ESD Control Centre Ltd Overview