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AP Technology is a leading franchised supplier of electrical connectors, industrial cable, Servo Cable and cable assemblies, focussed on understanding the needs of its customers and the markets it serves.

Our line card details market leading manufacturers including, Intercontec, Bimed, ILME, Hugro, Nexans, Tecnikabel & TKD.

We offer an end to end solution including a range or circular power and signal connectors, Heavy Duty rectangular connectors, EMC, brass, stainless steel and plastic cable glands coupled with an extensive stocked range of dynamic and static industrial cables.

As our principle differentiator is service, to compliment our extensive range of standard products we offer a variety of customised & bespoke products, in addition to tailoring supply chain solutions to meet your individual requirements including, contract pricing, proactive inventory management, engineering support & in house cable assembly manufacturing.

Intercontec - Circular Connectors

Intercontec has established itself as the servo motor power, signal & feedback connector manufacturer of choice to the world’s leading motor manufacturers. Offering the broadest range of UL/CSA, VDE & CCC approved industrial circular connectors in M15, M17, M23, M27, M32, M40 & M58 sizes in a multitude of plan forms ,both with cable and panel mounted options for both power and signal applications. An extensive range of enhanced products is also offered including IP69 and stainless steel connectors, in addition to innovative products such as the one second locking of the Speedtec bayonet fixing system.

Bimed - Cable Glands

Bimed manufactures one of the most in depth portfolios of high quality cable gland & gland accessories available on the market today, many with UL & CSA approvals. The standard range includes Metallic glands, Brass glands, EMC glands, Polyamide glands, ATEX glands, Spiral glands and Stainless steel glands. The range includes products in Metric, Pg, NPT & Pf threads and is offered with protection up to IP69. In addition to one of the broadest ranges of standard products a bespoke service is also offered.

Nexans - Control & Automation Cables

Nexans is the world leader in the manufacture of cables for Automation and Control applications, offering cables for both static and dynamic applications including Motor cables, Chain cables, Robotic cables , Torsion cables, BUS cables, Sensor cables and DESINA approved cables including Siemens specification Motor, Feedback and Encoder cables, both in PUR to Siemens specification 6FX8008 and PVC to Siemens specification 6FX5008.In addition to the in-depth range of Control & Automation cables ,a comprehensive range of BUS cables is offered including AS-Interface ,Interbus, Profibus, Hybrid bus, Profibus PA, Can-Bus, DeviceNet, Profinet and Industrial Ethernet cables including Siemens Drive Cliq cables in both PVC and PUR.

ILME - Industrial Connectors

ILME (Industrai Lombarda Materiale Electtrico) offers over 70 years of experience manufacturing one of the connector industries largest ranges of industrial multipole & electrical connectors, designed for power and control applications. ILMEs portfolio includes both IP44 and IP67 variants of 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A (110V, 240V & 415V) IEC 60309 Ceeforms, BS4343 connectors and switched interlocks. The Heavy duty industrial range offers 3 to 216 poles, high current inserts up to 200A, combinations of signal, power and data modules in addition to innovative products like the CSH push fit module and the T-Type thermoplastic hood.

Hugro - Enclosures & Specialist Cable Glands

Hugro offers an in-depth range of enclosures, specialist cable glands and cable protection products offered with a wide range of approvals including UL/CSA, ATEX, EX and VDE.

The cable gland range includes external strain relief, trumpet style, traction relief, flat cable, Skin top, IP68, IP54, DIN89280, high temperature and Stainless steel types. The comprehensive range of enclosures offers products including ATEX, latch and screw locking types in addition to the innovative “wireless box”, a heated enclosure designed to protect wireless network routers within industrial environments.

TKD Kabel - Industrial Cables

TKD Kabel is one of the largest cable groups in Germany, offering a wide variety of cable types for a multitude of applications and industries.

The range includes flexible control, electronic, telecommunication, BUS, LAN, rubber, coaxial, video and flat cables for static applications as well as a broad range of wires including H01, H05 & H07 types in addition to a comprehensive range of dynamic cables offered with both PVC & PUR jackets designed for use in robotic and drag chains in factory automation applications, complementing the dynamic profile are a range of travelling cables for crane, conveyor and elevator applications.


Since its inception in 1978 Tecnikabel has focussed its expertise in the design and manufacture of cables for use in the machine tool, robotic and Industrial automation applications, concentrating on the supply of bespoke and custom cables. The manufacturing facility has the capacity to manufacture a wide variety of cable types and holds a wide range of approvals including UL & CSA, VDE, Desina and Lloyd's Register.

Cabloswiss - Industrial Automation Cables

Milan based Cabloswiss focuses its expertise in the design and manufacture of cables for use in machine tool, robotic and Industrial automation applications, focussing its expertise in the design and supply of bespoke and custom cables.

The Milan facility has the capacity to manufacture a wide variety of dynamic cable types and holds a range of approvals including DESINA, VDE together with a large range of listings for both UL & CSA. In addition to their range of chain flex, automation, control, instrumentation and robotic cables a broad range of BUS cables is offered including Profibus ,Interbus, ASI-Interface, DeviceNet, Can-Bus and Profinet styles.

Cabloswiss - Industrial Automation Cables

James Monroe Wire and Cable Corporation

The James Monroe Wire and Cable Corporation is a privately held manufacturer with over thirty years experience of manufacturing electronic and electrical wire and cable products for a wide variety of applications ranging from flexible cord and electronic cables to highly socialised cables for security surveillance and military applications.

The manufacturing facility has a wide range of capability including a broad range of listings and approvals such as UL, AWM, MTW, CSA, IEEE, NEC, NFPA-73, NEMA, ICEA, DOT and IMSA cables in addition to bespoke and composite cables designed to meet special customer applications or requirements. 

Cable Assembly

At AP Technology we have over 40 years of combined industry experience in the production of cable bespoke assemblies to customer’s requirements. We have built up the in-house expertise to advise and help you produce the right cable assembly for your application, balancing the needs for optimum performance with value for money to meet your business needs.

We hold over 750 cable types in stock and through our strategic partnerships have access to 1,000s of more. We hold large stocks of popular connector styles, which include the most in-depth stock profile of M17, M23, M40 & M58 connectors in the UK, together with large numbers of cable management products available off the shelf, we are able to marry these to the right cable to deliver a 100% tested cable assembly, coupled with a fast turnaround, that is guaranteed to deliver you the highest quality at a competitive price.

Our In house manufacturing range includes: Servo Cables, Encoder cables, Pre Assembled Drag Chains, Robotic Cables, Control Cables, Bus Cables, and Electronic & Data Cables.

Cross Referral Service

At AP Technology we understand that designers, engineers and purchasers are looking to reduce vendors and enhance product design, reduce costs and inventory, whilst improving efficiency.

As we are an Interconnect solutions provider we look to work with our customers to identify the product that best delivers the right solution for them in terms performance, availability and cost.

Our Cross referral service was born out of customers need to identify a part due to a failure in the field and requirements to customise an application to make it bespoke to a clients requirement.

We are able to offer alternatives to Arrow, FEC and RS numbers for cable & cable glands, in addition to cross referring Industrial connector parts from manufacturers such as Amphenol, Contact, Coninvers, Hypertac, Hummel, ITT Cannon to industrial cables from Lapp, Lutze and Igus.

We will work on your bill of materials and advise what we can offer from our Interconnect line card, coming back to you with replacement parts, following up this up with data sheets, samples and costs of our recommended alternatives.

It’s as easy as........

Send us your part numbers and any description you have to connect@aptechnology.biz
A call is made to discuss your requirement, we identify and or cross refer your parts
We offer you an alternative that meets your organisations needs

Bespoke Cables

AP Technology offers over 25 years of experience in the design, creation and manufacture of bespoke cables to deliver a product that meets your exact application requirements.

We work with you to understand your application and requirement, to ensure that we gather the right data to ensure we deliver a solution meets the electrical, environmental and approval requirements for the cable you require.

Once the cable is designed we will produce a drawing and data sheet for you to check prior to the submission of a quotation. AP Technology has successfully designed cables for applications in Telecommunications, Wind Farms and Industrial automation systems in addition to cables for use in the entertainment and military markets.

Products and services we can provide

Servo cables 210, Feedback cables, Feedback connectors, Servo Motor power connectors, Encoder Cables, Encoder connectors, Servo connectors, Power cables, Interconnection connectors, Signal cables, Power connectors, Cable assemblies, Actuator cables, Actuator connectors, Actuator cables assemblies, Connectors for industrial automation, Cables for industrial automation, Motor power cables, Drag chain cables, Motor control assemblies, Cables for frequency converters, Motor control cables, Drive chain cables, Motion connect cables, Cable track cables, AC drive cables, Military connectors, Mil spec connectors.

New Products

htec M23 hybrid connector with CAT 5 Ethernet element

The new 723 series is now available, offering, 5 x 2mm contacts for a max. 4mm² conductor, 6 x 1mm contacts for a max. 1mm² conductor and a separately shielded 4 way Ethernet quadrax element. The rugged metal housing is protected up to IP 69K and is vibration resistant up to 20 G. Offered in straight plug and straight, angled and rotatable housing receptacles. Mating is achieved with the quick, speedtec coupling system.
htec connectors are available on the SEW Eurodrive decentralised modular drive technology system.



Intercontec have issued a new catalogue for their Locktec 'mechanical overmould' system.

Locktec is the solution for eternity. The perfect union of connector housing and plastic shell is united after the uncomplicated locktec assembly.

Separation means destruction. Safeguard against disassembly without expensive overmoulding processes. Whether the standard threaded coupling nut or the patented Speedtec® fast lock system is used, you can assemble both versions effortlessly.

To see the catalogue follow the link on the Itercontec page of our web site.

AP Technology has teamed up with a major supplier of cable harnesses into the German mechatronic installation field. This allows us to extend the range of cable assembly we can supply all of which are high-quality, one hundred percent compatible cable assembly include motor cables, sensor cables, bus cables and fibre optic for almost every drive and automation system.

Cables can be supplied to fit the following systems:-

• Bernecker + Rainer
• Bosch Rexroth
• Control Techniques
• Elau
• Fanuc
• Fagor
• Heidenhain
• Kollmorgen
• Lenze
• Mitsubishi
• Moog
• Rockwell
• Panasonic
• Siemens
• Wittenstein
• Yaskawa

Customised solutions

We can designs and manufacture a variety of customised solutions. These include:-
• modified standard cables, for example, high mechanical stress
• Special cables, when components from different manufacturers are combined
• system independent cable assemblies
• difficult applications, such as at very high or very low ambient temperatures or aggressive environment


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