APC Hi-Rel

APC HiRel is proud to represent a number of specialist manufacturers of electronic components for high reliability, high temperature and high voltage applications.

We are a technical distributor of electronic components. We represent manufacturers whose products are aimed specifically at the markets we support; military, aerospace, space, oil and gas, high voltage and high end industry.

Our close working relationships with our customers and with the manufacturers we represent, together with our in-depth knowledge of the challenges of high reliability applications, make us an valuable and effective application engineering resource.

We are ISO9001:2008 and IECQ (CECC) accredited. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell and the high level of service we provide.

APC Hi-Rel

Power Supplies

  • Military and Avionics Power Solutions
  • Hi-Rel COTS Power Solutions
  • Space Power Solutions
  • Front End Modules and Accessories

Avionics Data Bus

  • Holt Integrated Circuits - MIL-STD-1553
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - ARINC 429
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - LCD Display Drivers
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - ARINC 825 CAN
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - Discrete-to-Digital
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - RS485/422
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - ARINC 717
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - Analogue Switches
  • Holt Integrated Circuits - Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - MIL-STD-1553
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - ARINC 429
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - Ethernet Switch Products
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - ARINC 664/AFDX
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - ARINC 708
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - ARINC 717
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - Serial RS Products
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - CSDB Products
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - Discrete Products
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - ARINC 629
  • Ballard Electronic Hardware - Cables and Accessories

Semiconductors and Opto Electronics

  • Avionics Data Bus IC's
  • Solid State Relays and Switches
  • LED's
  • Solid State Pulse Switches
  • Voltage Multipliers
  • High Voltage Bridge Rectifiers
  • Thyristors
  • High Temperature Voltage Regulators and Voltage References
  • High Temperature DC-DC Integrated Circuits
  • High Temperature Power Drivers/Controllers
  • High Temperature Isolated Transceivers
  • High Temperature Half Bridge Isolated Drivers
  • High Temperature Transistors
  • High Temperature and High Voltage Diodes
  • High Temperature Amplifiers and Power Op Amps
  • High Temperature Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits
  • High Temperature 74xx Logic
  • High Temperature Clock Generators and Timers
  • Optocouplers/Isolators
  • Frequency Sources

High Voltage

  • High Voltage Capacitors
  • Bus Bars
  • High Voltage Resistors
  • High Voltage Bridge Rectifiers
  • High Voltage Optocouplers
  • Voltage Multipliers
  • High Voltage Diodes

High Temperature

  • High Temperature Capacitors
  • High Temperature Semi-Conductors
  • Bus Bars
  • High Temperature Resistors
  • High Temperature Inductors and Transformers
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Avionics Data Bus

Passive Components

  • High Voltage Resistors
  • Power Resistors
  • Ultra High Power Resistors
  • Voltage Dividers
  • Shunts
  • Metal Film
  • Insulated Bus Bars
  • Wound Components
  • High Voltage Mica Paper Capacitors
  • Teflon Capacitors
  • High Temperature Capacitors +360°C
  • Pulse Discharge Capacitors
  • EFI Capacitors
  • Moulded Capacitors -55°C to +200°C
  • High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • High Voltage and High Temperature Capacitors +200°C
  • High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitors
  • Ceramic Capacitors
  • Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitors
  • Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors
  • High Temperature Capacitors
  • Surface Mount Niobium Oxide Capacitors
  • Film Chip Capacitors
  • Leaded Capacitors - MLC
  • Leaded Capacitors - Tantalum
  • Military, Aerospace and Space Level Tantalum Capacitors
  • Military and Aerospace Level Ceramic Capacitors
  • CDR Style Capacitors MIL-PRF-55681
  • Glass Capacitors
  • Ultracapacitors
APC Hi-Rel

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