Apex Engineers


Apex Engineers provide a full range of electricity meters. We advise on existing meters and discuss replacement and new electricity meters. Apex Engineers offer full installation services and a varied range of accessories.

Apex Engineers Energy Management

Apex Engineers are experienced in supplying systems and equipment to power and environmental businesses.

Our energy management solutions are used for:

  • Automated monitoring and targeting
  • Climate change levy
  • Environmental compliance
  • Carbon trading scheme

We provide data collection units that offer radio, intranet capabilities and GSM and cable options. Our analysis software allows for real time monitoring with utility and cost examination. Tariffs are analysed and contract negotiations offered.

We supply and advise on individual items or complete and customised systems.

Apex Engineers Energy Management

Apex Engineering Substation Test Equipment

Substation Test Equipment can offer a range of dedicated units in order to improve efficiency and accuracy when commissioning or routine testing is required.

We specialise in timing, signal injection of current and voltage and easy management of results to enable design and maintenance companies to offer an efficient and professional service.

Apex Engineering Substation Test Equipment

Apex Engineers Data Collectors

Apex Engineers supply data collection equipment that have units with advanced interfaces. The communication between computers and real world enable transmissions via radio, GSM or cable. Our data collection equipment works with digital, analogue and pulse signals. 

Apex Engineers Data Collectors

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