Apex Labels (UK) Ltd


Since 1980, we have been manufacturing and printing high quality and specialist self adhesive labels for use in a diversity of industry sectors. We always aim to meet our customer's requirements and can produce labels in almost any size or shape. We also originate QR codes.

QR codes are added to your labels and allow people to scan them with a smart phone allowing you the chance to send information directly to them. This information can include further product information, a website address or sales message. 

Custom Printed Specialist Labels

We offer a broad range of custom printed specialist labels and stickers in any shape or size. Custom printed specialist labels are designed to your specification and can be supplied on a roll or on sheets. Labels and stickers can be printed black on white or multi coloured and as standard are supplied with permanent adhesive. However, we do have removable, freezer and high tack adhesive labels available depending on the choice of material.

An example of custom printed labels includes: 

  • Custom Wine Labels
  • Custom Address Labels
  • Custom Barcode and Numbered Labels
  • Custom Packaging Labels

Bar Code Labels

We offer all types of bar code labels and bar coding capabilities can be added to almost any label design. Bar code labels are ideal for product identification, warranty traceability, stock control, and auction goods.

Bar code labels can be produced with or without suffix or prefix letters, decreasing or increasing number sequences and in either large or small print. Our bar code labels can also be combined with tamper evident labels to enhance security labelling applications.

Metallic Foil And Vinyl Stickers

We also supply a range of metallic foil and vinyl stickers and labels. Our metallic foil labels are manufactured using natural aluminium allowing for writing and embossing to be added. They are ideal for producing nameplates and information panels and have a bright reflective finish.

Our metallic foil and vinyl stickers also include personalised vinyl stickers in matt, gloss, coloured, and clear designs. Vinyl stickers can be used inside and outside and available in a diverse range of colours. 

Security Labels

We specialise in security labels and can produce security proof and tamper proof labels in white, silver or clear labels. They are essential for when product integrity is vital and can incorporate void adhesive, break up of label and difficult removal to deter tamper.

Security labels can be printed to incorporate bar codes, serial numbers, and holographic foils. They can also be produced with your logo design on them.

Window Stickers

Window stickers, face adhesive and self cling stickers are printed using one or many colours and used for point of sale advertising and vehicle parking permits.

Our window stickers are reverse printed onto clear vinyl so stickers can easily be read through glass or windscreens.

Digital Printing

We provide a range of high quality digital printing options for your labels and stickers at competitive prices. When professionally used, digital printing on labels can help to improve the message or enhance a campaign communication.

Our digital printing options are excellent if you require small and personalised quantities. Contact us today for more information on specific designs, sizes and shapes.

Printed Holographic Foil Labels

Printed holographic foil labels can be incorporated into security labels and barcode labels to offer optimum security features. Our wide range of labels and stickers, including printed holographic foil labels, have been supplied to a diverse range of industry sectors such as industrial companies, retail and for a diversity of manufacturing applications.

Custom Address Labels

We print and supply a diversity of custom address labels in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. They can be designed with different personalised touches and printed on one or multiple colours.

Custom address labels can include logo design and their high tack adhesive backing provides excellent adhesion to boxes and parcels.

Coloured Labels

Our coloured labels, including bright gold and silver, are available in gloss or matt finishes and ideal for producing descriptive labels where proofing against weather or water is not essential.

Coloured labels can also be cut to any size or shape and enhanced with surface protection if their application demands it. Our white labels for informative use are available in matt, semi gloss or high gloss and can incorporate batch numbers, bar codes, serial numbering, or best before dates.

Self Adhesive Labels

Our self adhesive labels can be printed in one or with multiple colours in the design and are ideal for use as car parking permits, point of sale stickers, boat berthing permits, or security etching stickers.

Our self adhesive labels have durable adhesive applied to them so they can be utilised with difficult surfaces and are produced from vinyl, metallic foils, and polypropylene and treated with coatings for use in harsh environments.

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