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Here at Apex Storage Systems, our name is well-known for pallet racking, evolving from the now obsolete Acrow Pallet Racking. The Pallet Racking is manufactured in the UK maintaining many of the original Acrow design features but with the benefit of 21st century production techniques. This has made Apex Pallet Racking one of the most sought after racking systems in the UK today.

We specialise in:

  • Pallet Racking
  • Racking Repairs
  • Racking Inspections
  • Racking Protection
  • Long Span Shelving

Drive in Pallet Racking

Drive in pallet racking is ideal when the quantity of pallets stored for each line item is high and "first in, first out" is not to important. Pallets are stored in lanes within a block and serviced by one central aisle accessing lanes on either side. Drive in pallet racking provides one of the best storage solutions for percentage utilisation of space. For more information or a free quotation please ring on our free hotline 0800 118 2937

Push Back Racking

Push back racking is becoming popular due its unique flexible way of storing pallets efficiently allowing access to many product lines whilst providing excellent space utilisation. Pallets are pushed back in to the system and then retrieved in reverse order. This push back racking system provides excellent space utilisation and allows access to individual product lines. 

Racking Inspection

We provide detailed racking inspections in accordance with SEMA and HSE requirements. Please contact us for a free quotation. Racking inspection is a requirement under Health & Safety Legislation for more information refer to HSG76. The latest Health and Safety guide HSG76 requires you to inspect racking regularly to make sure it is repaired and maintained properly and is safe.

You should use three types of inspection:
1. Immediate reporting of damage and defects
2. Visual inspections at regular intervals
3. Expert inspections carried out at regular intervals by a competent person
A rack safety inspection will identify damaged components. Damaged or missing components significantly increase the risk of racking collapse.

Racking Protection

Racking protection is ideal if you want to reduce your maintenance costs. We supply a variety of racking protection products specifically designed to protect your investment. 

Warehouse Racking

Warehouse racking is specifically designed to meet your requirements and all our solutions are driven by our customers. We are built on a vast experience of our industry continually providing economical solutions for straightforward and complex warehouse racking projects.

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

We provide heavy duty pallet racking. Our heavy duty pallet racking can be used to store very heavy products either in conventional pallet racking or on cantilever racking.

Racking and Shelving

We have a wide range of racking and shelving systems. Apex Longspan (APEX UK 06) is by far the most popular of our racking and shelving systems. If you cannot find what you are looking for please ring for more information.

Buy Pallet Racking

Our online shop enables you to buy pallet racking on line including:

  • Frames
  • Beams
  • Beam Locks
  • Base Plates
  • Horizontal Bracing
  • Diagonal Bracing
  • Splices
  • Column Guards
  • Rack Defenders
  • End of Rack Barriers

Pallet Racking Frame

The pallet racking frame is available in four duties: APEX UK 08, APEX UK 12, APEX UK 16 and APEX UK 20. Frames can be made any height in multiples of 75mm and any depth. We offer common sizes of pallet racking frames for online purchase on our website. However, it is preferable to contact us on freephone hotline to discuss your requirement in detail - 0800 118 2937

Pallet Racking Beam

Our pallet racking beam is available in two variants 'open' and 'box' section. Each variant is subdivided into an assortment of strengths determined by the pallet racking beam cross section dimensions. Beams are available in various lengths commonly referred to as 'clear entry' length. For more information phone our free hotline on 0800 118 2937

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