Apex Test


Non destructive testing equipment to avoid catastrophic failures Highlights partial discharge severity to rank & prioritise investment & resources

Records video for analysis & status reports

About Apex Test

Apex Test supplies preventative maintenance and measurement equipment for low to high voltage testing on railway networks, trains, substations & electrical power plant installations.


Our preventative maintenance products include testing equipment and analysis for AC and DC of electrical protection schemes involving primary and secondary injection tests and UV cameras for corona detection on HV faults.

Circuit Breaker Testers

Connect once for a fast-test of all functions. Clear display of actions and results that ensures a successful test

Immediate report printout to leave with your customer or CB. Can operate all day on batteries so no need for external supply

Versatile unit to test all standard CB's

Optional PME-TCE for breaker motion assessment

Measurement and Analysers

We offer a range of Metering, Measurement, Analysis and Control units for the Power Industry and related sectors.


Please call us on 01939 220000 or visit our website for more information.

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