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APJ Precision and Performance offer a speedy turnaround of all manufactured components aiming to provide you with the most competitive quote. Machining from 2mm-300mm dia and up to 6mm in length for turned parts. For milled parts we can offer up to 1m x 600mm x 600mm, all machined in 4 axis


APJ Precision and Performance

APJ Precision and Performance offer design and fabrication of engineering components for use in sectors such as motorsport and defence. Based in Chilcompton near to Bath and with excellent transport connections to the M4 and M5, we can offer manufacture of parts to your precise design requirements as one-offs or large scale batches.

We use advanced CNC equipment so that your order is completed within a fast timeframe and delivered to your location. Our services include turning and milling, tool design and fabrication, CADCAM designs, and repair and manufacture of cylinder heads and other engineering parts.

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CNC Turning

Our CNC lathes enable us to offer full CNC turning services. Turning can be used to form the most precise of engineering parts and components. And as we can run a CNC machine centre throughout the day the turning can be finished inside a fast turnaround time. Any design assistance can also be provided by our engineering team.

We’re based in Chilcompton close to Bath and work with companies from across the UK and abroad. Large batches of turned parts can be created or single prototypes and one-offs in materials such as stainless steel and toughened plastics and in diameters of up to 360mm and lengths of 800mm.

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CNC Turning

CNC Milling

For any CNC milling job you need carrying out fast and efficiently give us a call at APJ Precision and Performance. We promise fast turnaround times and can manufacture large batches of components or single one-off parts. We can create 2D or 3D milled parts in sizes of up to 1200 x 800mm to suit your design requirements.

We’re based not far from Bath and can deliver your milled parts anywhere in the UK and overseas. We believe we offer competitive prices and any design advice you need can provided by our engineering team before you commit to a large batch of parts.

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CNC Milling

Tool Design and Manufacture

At APJ Performance and Precision we can fabricate any type and shape of tool. Just let us know what you need and we can offer assistance with the design and planning stages before we begin the pressing and machining of the tool itself. We can accept designs and technical drawings in various file formats on CADCAM.

We can create single tools or batches to suit you and have them delivered to your site wherever you are in the UK or abroad. And over time if repairs and modifications are needed to the tool then we have you covered on this too and can carry out fast repairs.

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Tool Design and Manufacture


We can develop your designs and technical plans for parts and components using CADCAM technology. At APJ Precision and Performance we can take your designs in various format types and check them over, develop them if any tweaks need to be made, and assist in any way that we can before the manufacturing process begins.

We can work on designs for any engineering part or component and have the CNC equipment on hand to fabricate once the designs are ready and signed off. You can email files or fax us designs over to us and we can get started looking over them.

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Cylinder Head Repair and Manufacture

At APJ Precision and Performance we can take used cylinder heads and have them repaired and brought back to mint condition ready for use. Or we can create and manufacture new versions to your design requirements. We have the latest CNC equipment on hand that allows us to form the most precise parts for the cylinder head in a rapid turnaround time.

We can fabricate single replacement cylinder heads or large batches depending on your needs. Among our previous clients have been companies from in the motorsport sector and in the defence industry.

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Cylinder Head Repair and Manufacture
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