Apollo Electronics Corporation Ltd


Here at Apollo Electronics Corporation, we specialise in contract electronics manufacturing (CEM) providing high quality printed circuit boards with a quick turn around. Our contract electronics manufacturing services include surface mount technology, through hole and mixed technology, from procured or free issue components.

We provide contract electronics manufacturing for industry sectors including RF, LED lighting, emergency services, automotive, mobile phone and leisure. We pride ourselves in offering high quality parts and service with competitive prices.

PCB Assembly

We provide advanced PCB assembly services using surface mount and through hole techniques. Our PCB assembly services use touchless automated pick and place machines for larger volumes and hand placement machines for one-offs and smaller batches. We produce conventional boards, prototypes and bespoke boards to your specification.

Surface Mount Assembly

Our surface mount assembly abilities have been developed with continual investment and improvement to meet PCB production demands of the UK electronics industry. Our efficient surface mount assembly is provided using the latest manufacturing technology.

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