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Applegate has provided business to business companies with a means to showcase their company and its products and services online since 1996. The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, the same year it launched its eProcurement system, to revolutionise the way businesses buy.

Applegate, an SME Technology Business, has seen the free eProcurement tool for buyers grow in usage exponentially year on year. Quick, easy and free-to-use, our cloud-based procurement platform enables you to request multiple quotes for anything from business services to promotional items - and much, much more besides.

In partnership with the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Exeter, the company now develops machine learning systems, continually enhancing the matching of suppliers to buyers’ requests to improve user experience.

Aligned with our ethos of recruiting, training and retaining talent in the region; Applegate pioneers an esteemed Higher & Degree Apprenticeship Programme, Applegate Academy Work Experience Programme and further training and engagement opportunities locally. We are a business looking forward technically, digitally, socially and environmentally – and share this with our colleagues, buyers, suppliers and beyond.


Our eProcurement portal connects buyers with suppliers, and vice versa.


You can add your company to the Applegate Supplier Network here or register as a buyer.

Applegate for Buyers

Applegate provides a quick, free and easy means to finding quotes for the things you need to buy for your organisation.

Tell Applegate what you want once, and we will do the hard work for you, inviting numerous suppliers to quote. If they can meet your need, they will respond with a quote - enabling you to compare different offers, all the way through to raising a purchase order with a supplier should you so choose. You can then either issue a Purchase Order at the press of a button, or pick up the discussion direct with the supplier to agree further details.

Applegate works on a ‘supplier pays’ model: suppliers pay an annual subscription to have details of the goods and services they provide in our database. The system is completely free to the buyer, nor we do charge suppliers per transaction, nor take a percentage of the value. This means that, unlike some sites, suppliers do not need to alter prices to reflect any cut taken from a ‘middle man’, helping to get buyers the best quality and prices better.

Our system uses several factors to identify which suppliers may suit your request. In conjunction with the Institute for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Exeter we have developed an advanced machine learning systems which will continually improve this matching, using feedback from buyers and suppliers and the outcome of the request for the system to learn and adapt. Our artificial intelligence development is supported by Innovate UK. This technology is supported by dedicated members of our in-house team, who work to understand the buyers request in all its intricacies.

Buyers can also use the advanced search function to identify suppliers that may meet their needs and contact them directly. The database contains millions of products from thousands of suppliers, and it can be used to search based on suppliers nearby, the accreditations they hold, turnover and number of years trading.

If you would like more information or a demonstration of the system, please request a callback.

Applegate for Buyers

Applegate for Suppliers

For suppliers, Applegate provides a means to gain visibility with buyers, at the precise moment they are looking for new suppliers, or to make a purchase. Suppliers can respond directly to buyer Requests for Quotation, list unlimited products/services on Applegate, track analytics on their Applegate microsite, scan Fixed IP visits, provide additional display advertising to increase exposure, and more.

Buyers make thousands of Requests for Quotation (RFQs) through Applegate every year, ranging from small orders or prototypes to major ongoing contracts, from small start-ups to the likes of The White House, Nasa, ASOS, Rolls Royce, Airbus and more.

Rather than making RFQs available to all suppliers to respond to, Applegate matches suppliers to each request; using a hybrid of our Artificial Intelligence Matching Engine and a dedicated team. This means that buyers receive a manageable number of responses, and suppliers know that their work in preparing a quote is worthwhile, that it will be reviewed against a reasonable number of others. Suppliers also do not need to spend time searching a database of opportunities: RFQs are notified direct to their inboxes – leaving them to quote directly, engage in communication, or decline each request.

To receive information on market activity via Applegate register for free here, or to join the Applegate Supplier Network, click here.

Applegate for Suppliers

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