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We are here to help you find ways to improve your business processes. Through our lean consultancy service in Nottingham, we work with you to identify areas for improvement in your business processes. With our interaction and support, we will develop a tailored plan to help and develop your key personnel.

Our lean consultancy is designed to help identify non-value added work and waste in your business processes, and help you to eliminate them in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs in all areas of your business.

Kaizen Consultancy

We provide Kaizen consultancy services to provide our clients with the tools and support you need to create a culture of improvement throughout your organisation.

We teach and coach your senior staff in how the Kaizen Cycle of Continuous Improvement can work beneficially within your business. They will learn nurturing techniques, encouragement methods, and dispensement of recognition for results. Senior staff will learn how to track the progress of the activity and how to direct and support it going forward.

Kaizen Consultancy

Leadership Training

We offer leadership training by helping your supervisors and managers improve their communication skills. We focus on employeee engagement skills and self-awareness methods as part of our leadership training. Our goal is to help you become better leaders by using proven techniques from top coaching professionals.

Leadership Training

Interim Management Services

Our interim management services can be used in a number of situations. Our services can be used during times of crisis to help turn around a failing service or business. We can offer expertise to a challenged or over-stretched management team.

 We are able to provide interim management services:

  • Managing recoveries and turnarounds
  • Improving performance
  • Planning and execution of new products, services, processes
  • Bringing specific experience and skills
  • Driving resizing exercises in a professional, compassionate way 
Interim Management Services

Applex Management

At Applex Management, we can help your business find no-cost methods to increase profits by simply being more efficient through streamlining your processes. We teach the Kaizen Cycle of Continuous Improvement, so improvement activity can continue in the future when you seek out the help of Applex Management.


Applex Management

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