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As renowned suppliers of control and instrumentation products, we provide an excellent variety of  flow switches. As well as flow switches, our vast range includes:

  • pressure switches
  • differential pressure switches
  • pressure transducers
  • pressure gauges
  • level switches and sight indicators
  • flow switches and sensors
  • float switches
  • solenoid valves
  • temperature switches
  • temperature sensors
  • vacuum switches

We supply plastic and metal body flow switches and also a vast range of flow sensors and flow indicators.

Vacuum Switches

As well as our vast supply of flow switches and related products, we also supply numerous options in pressure and vacuum switches.

Our vacuum switches range includes single pole single throw and single pole double through vacuum switches, such as the Vacuum Switch VCN/VCM Adjustable SPST, a zinc-plated steel vacuum switch with a proof pressure of 20 Bar.

Vacuum Switches

Pressure Switches

We supply a variety a pressure switches to meet your specifications. They are supplied in both single pole, single throw and single pole, double throw. We also provide differential pressure switches.

Pressure Switches

Level Switches

We supply a variety of options in level switches. Our level switches range is diverse in application and all models are manufactured to the highest grade possible.

For level switches, we supply:

  • Horizontal and vertical plastic switches
  • Horizontal and vertical stainless steel/alloy switches
  • Custom design level switches
  • Optical solid state switches
  • Bottle switches
  • Sensors
  • Visual indicators
Level Switches

Temperature Switches

Quality of product and service is vitally important to us and this is a standard we exact on all of our products including temperature switches. As well as temperature switches, we also have temperature sensors.

Temperature switches:

  • EBC Temperature Switch With SPDT Contacts
  • TBF Temperature Switch
  • TBR Adjustable Temperature Switch
  • TBS Temperature Switch
  • ATS-C03A/B
  • ATS-C08A/B
Temperature Switches

Solenoid Valves

We supply miniature and sub-miniature, general purpose solenoid valves in a multitude of different designs and specifications to suit all possible application requirements.

We also stock and supply isolation solenoid valves for high purity or aggressive media, in miniature and sub-miniature. We also have options in cryogenic (to -196°C - miniature) solenoid valves.

Solenoid Valves

Atex Certified Switches

We supply Atex certified switches. Within our Atex certified switches, we have options in Atex pressure switches, Atex level switches and Atex flow switches.

Products include:

  • Perseus Range – ATEX approved EExd Pressure Switches
  • PML/PPL Intrinsically Safe Pressure Switch
  • Level switch – LS-1700(E)-EXi Intrinsically Safe
  • Level Switch – LS-1750(E)-EXi Intrinsically Safe
  • FS-10798(E)-EXi Intrinsically Safe Flow Switch
  • FS-200(E)-(A)-Exi Intrinsically Safe Flow Switch
Atex Certified Switches

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