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Applied Assembly Ltd are manufacturers of high quality Cables Assemblies and Electro - Mechanical Assemblies for All Industries.

Specialising in:

Our extensive range of automated machinery ensures a prompt and consistant response all Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical and Cable Assemblies, ensuring of closer relationships and support for our customers.

Other service offered includes Custom Assembly, Prototyping, General Assembly and test and inspection.

Stringent quality control, inspection procedures and ISO 9001:2000 maintain the highest product standards.

Why use Applied Assembly?

Efficiency & turnover would increase by allowing your staff to be totally dedicated to the core business

  • No scrap or surplus waste
  • Overhead cost can be reduced
  • Inventory and component handling can be reduced.
  • Finished assemblies can be scheduled.
  • Take advantage of Kanban system 

Mechanical Assemblies

  • Light Mechanical Assemblies
  • Discreet Wire Assemblies & Lighting Cable
  • Automotive cables
  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Multicore cables
  • Harnesses
  • Ribbon
  • Moulded mains cables
  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Electronic Cable Assembly
  • Audio/Video Cables
  • Telecommunication Cables
  • Data Transmission
  • Cables Networking/computer cables.  

Just some of our products and services can be seen below

Moulded Mains Cables

Applied Assembly can supply a wide range of moulded mains cable with a variety of plugs, all of which are guaranteed to conform to the relevant countries approvals. 

Product Build

Multicore/Discrete Assemblies including ‘D’ to ’D’ , Coax, Crimp and Poke, Earth Leads and multi wire Harnesses.

Insulation Displacement

A complete rang of IDC assemblies using specified connectors or our own range supplied & fully tested.

Complete range of stock such as Wires, Crimps, Housings, etc will reduce lead time and cost for your product.

Wire and sleeve preparation

Our fully automated wire preparation facility is able to cut and strip wires or provide cut and printed sleeves to length. In addition we can supply kits of wires crimped or with tinned ends.

Applied Assemblies are product build specialists

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We manufacture mechanical sub-assemblies & complete packaging of product into the top level assembly ready for shipment to your customer.

Whole product build

With our experience within the electro/mechanincal sub contract market we are able to provide a full product build service. Including component sourcing, and kitting Full assembly of wiring harnesses and mechanical hardware finishing testing inspecting and packing ready to be despatched to your customer...

Wire Harness/Loom Assemblies

We are a UK Cable/Wire Harness Manufacturer and within our premises in Southampton we have a dedicated, long serving and trained workforce with the necessary skills to produce cable wire harness and loom assemblies using either manual assembly techniques or our modern automatic and semi-automatic wire processing plant.

With our team of out-workers we are able to supply labour in volume to offer such services as cable harness component counting, packing and labelling of retail products, and high quality wire harness/loom assemblies.

Also supply of custom blister packs and custom packaging

Cable Assemblies

Applied Assembly aim is to provide a total solution for all your assembled cable requirements.

From commercial looms, harnesses, interface cables, mains cables including custom over moulding of cable ends to more basic requirements for cutting, stripping, tinning, crimping and indenting of equipment wires.

We provide custom cable assemblies of an exceptional quality.

Mechanical Assemblies

We provide a complete solution for Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical assemblies.

We can manufacture custom cable and mechanical assemblies to meet your specific needs.

We have experience in the manufacture and assembly of metalwork, cutting handling and packing of aluminium extrusion, steel fabrications, supply and assembly of plastic, moulded components and overmoulding. 

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