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Since 1974, at Applied Rubber Linings, we have been a specialist supplier of protective rubber coatings and linings for process plants, electroplating tanks, water treatment plants and chemical storage tanks. We provide protective rubber coatings for all industry sectors including mining, quarrying and aggregates, metal finishing, power generation, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and brewing, water and effluent treatment, and oil and gas.

Rubber Linings

We supply and install rubber linings using the skilled application of unvulcanised rubber sheet to prepared metal surfaces. The rubber is vulcanised in a steam autoclave, to fully bond the rubber to the metal surface, to create a strong and long lasting rubber coating. Our 2mm to 50mm thick rubber linings are suitable for bonding to mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium.

The main benefits of rubber linings are its impressive resistance to corrosive and abrasive chemicals and materials. Our rubber linings provide noise and vibration reduction, electrical and thermal insulation and product protection.

Rubber Linings

Specialist rubber sheeting

In addition to rubber linings ARL also offer a wide range of other services including specialist rubber sheeting.

Specialist rubber sheeting


ARL have extensive experience of providing fabrication services to customers for items including tanks, chutes, hoppers, pipework, vessels etc.

Shot Blasting Services

ARL have extensive experience of providing In-house blast cleaning of metal fabrications, castings, architechtural steelworks, vehicle and machinery components etc.

Surveys and Reports

ARL have extensive experience of providing Inspection and advice regarding the condition / maintenance / replacement of existing rubber lined plant.

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