Aprile UK Ltd

Aprile UK Ltd was established in 2004, being part of the Aprile group which was founded in 1974 in Genoa, Italy.

The group have a worldwide footprint in 5 continents, with an extensive office and agents network.

We operate in the land, Sea and Air sectors with a project division handling major movements globally.

We have become recognised as having a special knowledge for movements of goods for the retail and wholesale furniture, wine and food industry.

From our company's conception our aim has been to provided an unsurpassed level of service to our customers. This remains our unwavering goal.

UK Branches

Please contact the following at your local Branch:

NORTH/MIDLANDS: BATLEY -  01924 420754 - Sales Dept

SOUTH/MIDLANDS: EPPING - 01992 575945 - Mr M Narup

Overseas Branches

The APRILE group have branches in the following Countries:

Italy (30 offices), UK (2 offices)

Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao


New York, Chicago, Miami


Argentina, Brazil (2), Chile, Ecuador (2), Mexico, Peru, Venezuela (2)

Overseas Agents

APRILE have an extensive list of agents, many exclusive to us,  throughout the 5 continents.


APRILE  UK  have a specialist project division which handles the larger movements worldwide and cross trade.

This requires the in depth knowledge in vessel and aircraft chartering and coordinated arrival to a timed schedule for projects for the energy,construction and Oil industries.

For further details, please contact your local APRILE UK branch.

Furniture - Leather/Wood/Garden

APRILE UK have become recognised as a major forwarder for the retail and wholesale furniture industry.

Our reputation has been built by knowing what EACH of our customers individual requirements are and exceeding those expectations.

With our company network in the key areas for the import of furniture from China, South East Asia, South America and Europe this puts us in the forefront of our industry to be able to offer our clients the knowledge and competitive rates they need to compete in today's challenging marketplace.


APRILEUK have people with and extensive and special knowledge for the Wine and food importer, with over 100 years combined experience!

We are able to arrange the complete movement from Cellar to seller, or Baker to Taker, from 1 pallet to full loads.

With presence in the necessary areas for both NEW WORLD and OLD WORLD wines, from Australia to Chile and Italy to Portugal.

We can offer a competitive rate with the knowledge needed to ensure a speedy and efficient service to our clients.

Aprile UK Ltd Overview