Apropa Machinery Ltd.


Apropa Machinery are the agents for Albrecht Baumer – the world’s largest supplier of foam cutting machinery.

Highly respected in the foam industry, they export to almost every country where foam is converted.

We are also the agents for Croma who are the world specialists in hot wire CNC foam cutting machinery. In addition, we also offer drilling machines by Boers Techniek for drilling holes in foam mattresses, pillows and other foam products.

Mattress Compressing and Rolling

Apropa Machinery are proud to represent Sala – makers of a world renowned mattress compressing and rolling machine.

They were the original inventors of the mattress pressing machine in the 1980s and with over 25 years experience building their mattress compressing and rolling machines, they have become the experts in this field.

Sala also make a machine to compress and vacuum pack pillows, duvets and quilts as well as stockinet machines and machines to weld and cut plastic bags to your desired size.

Packaging Machinery

Apropa Machinery are the agents for Desco who are one of the world leading maufacturers of packaging machinery for wrapping mattresses, divans and other large objects.

Made in Germany, Desco packaging machines are extremely robust, reliable and have a very long life span which has earned them their excellent reputation in the industry.

Laminating Machinery

Apropa Machinery are the agents for Lamit who are the world’s leading specialists in laminating machinery for making foam and spring encapsulated mattresses.

They make custom lines to suit customers requirements and are modular so that they can be added to later as your production grows and requirements change.

Foam Granulating

Apropa Machinery have been working with Grauff for nearly 50 years.

Grauff make a range of equipment for foam granulating including blowers, silos and mixers so that customers can use their foam waste to fill cushions and pillows.

They also make machines for cutting fibre wadding from quilts to recycle and use as filling material for cushions and pillows. Lastly they make an excellent range of machines to help put covers on mattresses and cushions, allowing far higher productivity than by doing this by hand alone.

Palletizing and Stacking Equipment for Insulation Materials

Kottmann are a highly respected German manufacturer specialising in palletizing and stacking equipment for insulation materials.

They also offer other equipment such as milling, drilling and cutting machines for various materials as well as deep freezers and tempering chambers for metals used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

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