Apropa Machinery Ltd.

Apropa Machinery are the agents for Albrecht Baumer – the world’s largest supplier of foam cutting machinery.

Highly respected in the foam industry, they export to almost every country where foam is converted.

We are also the agents for Croma who are the world specialists in hot wire CNC foam cutting machinery. In addition, we also offer drilling machines by Boers Techniek for drilling holes in foam mattresses, pillows and other foam products.

  1. Carpet Underlay Machinery

    Carpet Underlay Machinery

    Apropa Machinery provide Carpet Underlay Producing Machinery

  2. Covering and Filling Equipment for Beds

    Covering and Filling Equipment for Beds

    Apropa Machinery provide Covering and Filling Equipment for Beds.

  3. Foam Cutting

    Foam Cutting

    Baumer are the world's largest supplier of foam cutting machinery. 

  4. Foam Drilling

    Foam Drilling
    Boers Techniek are world leaders in the production of drilling machines for foam products. Our machines are unique in that they can automatically drill and remove the foam core without the need for compressed air. We will design and build machinery to suit your specific requirements.
  5. Foam Granulating Machinery

    Foam Granulating Machinery

    Apropa Machinery supply Foam Granulating Machinery. 

  6. Handling Equipment

    Handling Equipment
    Kottmann are a major supplier of handling equipment to the insulation industry including machines to stack, palletize and mill insulation boards.
  7. Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machinery

    Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machinery
    Croma are world renowned in the supply of hot wire CNC foam cutting machines for EPS and XPS polystyrene as well as recycling machine such as grinders and compactors.
  8. Machinery servicing

    Machinery servicing

    Apropa Machinery Ltd provide Machinery servicing.

  9. Mattress Covering

    Mattress Covering
    Grauff, based in Germany, have been supplying quality machinery to the bedding and upholstery industries since the 1960's and are known internationally for the first class quality and reliability of their machines. Grauff specialise in the production of mattress covering machinery as well as filling equipment for pillows, cushions and futons including silos and foam and fibre granulating machines and blowers.
  10. Mattress Laminating Machinery

    Mattress Laminating Machinery
    Lamit are a German company who supply automatic laminating lines for the production of foam and spring encapsulated mattresses. A major supplier in Europe, Lamit are the industry standard for laminating machinery with only the best technology systems used in their machinery.