AQA (Applied Quality Assurance Ltd)

We are U.K. Leaders and specialists in Mobile Calibration...Laboratory Calibration and System Management who are ISO9001 CERTIFICATED.

We Calibrate Screw Thread Gauges including on site.

Some of Our services cover:-

  • Dimensional calibration
  • Torque calibration
  • Mobile on-site calibration
  • Mechanical Calibration
  • Laboratory Calibration
  • Calibration Record Control
  • Dimensional Metrology
  • Linear Calibration
  • Calibration Labelling

Our Scope includes Linear/Dimensional instruments and gauges, small hand tools, thread gauges and Torque equipment plus surface tables, Projectors, CMM'S Etc.

All calibrations traceable to National Standards and documentary evidence provided upon request. Laboratory Service with 48 Hour turn-around if required.

Company Profile

The AQA Mobile, On-site Calibration Service has reached 27 years “on-the-road” this year and remains committed to providing industry with a first-class, competitive service with maximum convenience to the customer.

Testimony to consistently high levels of Customer Satisfaction, service quality and reliability are the many clients who remain with us after 20 years of supply.

If you are venturing into the world of gaining accreditation to ISO 9001 or similar Quality Standards, we have the experience and facilities to install and continuously manage a fully integrated Calibration System, which will ensure your continued compliance with requirements and readiness for your routine audits.

We eliminate the need for you to spend large sums of money on in-house resources of equipment or man-power.

We have helped hundreds of Companies in their quest for approval since 1983.

Our Mobile Calibration Unit becomes “an extension of your own facilities” during the time spent on your premises and the Calibration Engineers generally become your regular team, so they build a rapport with your staff and become familiar with your factory, equipment locations and contacts.

Few items need to be brought off-site for calibration either in our Laboratory or sub-contracted if outside our scope.

Records viewed via our Web-site free-of-charge, replacement of worn gauges, equipment repairs are all handled by AQA.

With your Calibration System established we maintain full details on a database, we arrange visits according to your schedule and provide a seamless management system with minimal in-house involvement.

In excess of 1200 customers are currently serviced using our 6 Mobile Units, including one spare, to cover as back-up when breakdowns occur.

Company Profile

Please call us on Tel: 01462 850011 with your enquiry

On-site Calibration Service

  • Mobile Units environmentally controlled to 20 ± 2° C
  • All calibrations traceable to National Standards and documentary evidence provided
  • Laboratory service with 48 hour turn-around, if required
  • Installing and maintaining a full calibration record system plus colour coded status labeling with computerized recall
  • Engraving tools with serial numbers
  • Dimensional instruments
  • Plain and threaded plug, ring and calliper gauges + supply new gauges or replace when worn.
  • Surface plates, CMM's and projectors
  • Torque tools and testers
  • Pressure gauges.
On-site Calibration Service

Laboratory Calibration Services

  • Gauge blocks
  • Non-standard, specialized or more precise items
  • Measurement by angular, optical, co-ordinate or rotary means. 

Please e-mail us with your enquiry

We offer our Calibration Services to following Industries

  • Aerospace Automotive, including luxury & specialist
  • Defence Vehicles
  • Electronic Agricultural
  • Computer Equipment Optical
  • Telecommunications (Inc. cell) Control Systems, Inc. hydraulics
  • Medical Printing
  • Pharmaceutical Instrumentation
  • Research Development Plastics
  • Railways Cosmetics
  • Packaging Shipping
  • Precision Engineering - High & low Graphical Equipment
  • Volume sheet metal & fabrication Leisure etc
We offer our Calibration Services to following Industries

AQA (Applied Quality Assurance Ltd) Overview