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We specialise in waterjet cutting (Hertfordshire) and offer a unique subcontract service. Our waterjet cutting in Hertfordshire is a cost-effective alternative to expensive laser cutting and is used to cut a wide range of materials, serving many industries.

Of all the different materials used in manufacturing today from the most exotic alloys and composites to the oldest marble and granites, there is truly only one cutting process that would cope with them all and that is the Abrasive Water Jet.

Waterjet Cutting Steel

Our services for waterjet cutting steel are unrivaled and diverse. Waterjet cutting steel is very well suited to the sign industry and there are many benefits to this method.

Not content with flat sheet materials, our machines for waterjet cutting steel are capable of stretching into 3D profiling with programmable terrain following software as well as a tilting head mechanism allowing for both angular correction in thicker materials, as well as programmable taper generation on the parts.

Waterjet Cutting Steel

Waterjet Machine

Our waterjet machine capabilities cover a wide variety of applications and virtually any material can be cut using the abrasive waterjet process.

Typical work area of the waterjet machine is 1.2M x 2.4M with a Z axis travel of 180mm, although larger sheets of material can be accommodated in the tank up to 3.0M x 1.5M.

Waterjet Machine

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