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With almost three decades of experience in the filtration with filter presses AquaChem provides an efficient and optimal solution for many applications. From 2000, we worked intensively for the development of fully automatic filter presses and since 2011, we can call our AF series as standardised. Our customers receive a fully developed and highly reliable product that has been proven many times in the industry even under the toughest conditions. There are five sizes (plate format 470/630/800/1000 and 1200) to choose from. Compared to our market competitors the difference lays in many details and essentially in the definition of fully automatic operation. Here is our definition: The AF filter machine produces and continuously discharged filter cake without the presence of an operator. It is guaranteed that no medium (*) can escape uncontrollably. Availability greater than 95%. * With conventional filter presses this does not happen often, but constantly recurs, and is for unattended operations unacceptable and must be prevented.

Aquachem Separationstechnik GmbH

In addition to the considerably reduced operating costs, the investment is usually only slightly higher than in a conventional chamber or membrane filter press. By higher benefits per available square feet filter area can be worked with a smaller filter machine. Due to higher performance per available square metre of filter space it can be worked with a smaller filter system.  The BC series for semi-automatic applications is characterised by its simplicity and comfort for the operator. Small manual filter presses up to format 630 are covered by the EC series. Our services include not only the filter press but also equipment: control, pumps, mud wagons, lifts, preparation stations for solid and liquid flocculant, flocculant dosage and control, laboratory experiments, field experiments, optimisation of existing plants also from other manufacturers, piping, installation, service and maintenance. At our location in Senden, Bavaria our filter systems are built. The construction is carried out in 3D format.

Applications: Sewage industrial and municipal, electroplating, sewage sludge, recycling industry, flue gas scrubbing, hut, chemicals, metal working and processing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, mines and mining, recovery, paper industry, groundwater remediation, tunnel contruction, ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete plants, ceramic industry, pond drainage, natural stone, glass machining, anodising, ECM, paint sludge, phosphate baths.

Other products: filter presses, filters for the chemical industry, filters for sewage engineering, pressure filters, filter systems for solid-liquid separation, filters for the electroplating industry, solid-liquid separation, filters for process technology, cleaning plants for the concrete industry, cambrics

Aquachem Separationstechnik GmbH
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