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Water Jet Cutting - At Aquacut we use high pressure water jet cutting and abrasive jet cutting technology to achieve industry leading standards of quality and finish. We have skill and experience cutting a wide variety of materials including stone, tiles, metals, composites, plastics, and rubber.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting;

  • Water Jet cutting is a versatile cutting process with several advantages over alternative cutting methods, these include:
  • Water jet cutting can be used to machine a diverse range of materials, including heat-sensitive materials, delicate materials, hard materials and even some brittle materials.
  • Unlike other machining methods, water jet cutting doesn’t produce heat damage to the surface or edges of the machined piece.
  • On the majority of cuts, a taper of less than 1 degree can be achieved. This can further be reduced or eliminated by reducing the speed of the cutting process.
  • If a high quality of finish is required, the water cutting can simply be slowed down to significantly improve the finish of the cut.



Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Design - Aquacut understand just how important it is to get one off pieces exactly right. That’s why we liaise with you on every step of the job. Constant communication ensures you get the design you want, completed on time and on budget. And of course everything is dispatched fully numbered with easy to follow instruction for assembly in hardy transportation cases. Please contact us for further information on our Bespoke Design Service

Architects and Designers

Architects and Designers - If you want to create maximum impact with a stunning design you can rely on us to deliver. Aquacut’s skilled craftsmen enjoy challenging projects and over the years they have worked with just about every material available. Our expertise means we can handle tricky, intricate job that others find difficult to produce. We also understand the importance of rigorously following your instructions so we guarantee that the design you want is the design you get.

Contractors and Developers

Contractors and Developers - Our knowledge and experience of the construction process is the key to understanding your needs. Your build programme dictates our speed of response. We work to your timings not ours. Once cut each job comes with a fully referenced plan that is easy to follow and is ready for fixing. Every detail of your job is stored on computer so should any element be damaged on site it can be faithfully reproduced and speedily dispatched. Over the years we have managed to satisfy the demands of some of the country’s largest developers and builders including Bovis Lend Lease, Westfield, Simons, Try and Redrow.


Your imagination is the only Limit - Whilst other methods of cutting cope with straight lines, the key advantage of Aquacut is its ability to cut curves.  

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