AquaServ Ltd

AquaServ offers industrial water treatment and hygiene services. Their list of services includes: Legionella treatment programs, water softeners, water tank replacement and refurbishment.

AquaServ offers a comprehensive package of services to control and manage the risk of Legionella bacteria. They are part of the Legionella Control Association.

Water Treatment Chemicals

AquaServ has a wide selection of water treatment chemicals available. Their water treatment chemicals can be used to manage and control Legionella bacteria and make the water on your premise safe to drink.

AquaServ offers a complete water treatment package, including:

Water Softeners

Their aim is to provide cost effective treatment programmes designed to satisfy their customers' requirements, whilst conforming to legislation, environmental impact and insurance implications. They offer a wide selection of services to manage all aspects of water use.

AquaServ has a wide selection of water softeners.

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