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Feed up with the taste of your tap water?
Concerned about the additives in tap water?

The natural, fresh, clear mountain water from Aquaserve is the solution

At work or home, Aquaserve have a cooler to meet your needs.
Whether your a domestic customer worrying about the quality and the additives in the local water supply.

Or you are an employer who knows that bottled water is especially benefical in today's health-conscious society.

With many employees now choosing bottled water as their preferred drink. You can even make the Tea with our Hot & Cold dispensors.

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Water coolers are rapidly being viewed as a necessity in the workplace as more and more companies are recognising the benefits of providing cool, natural drinks for their employees.

Aquaserve has undertaken extensive research to select best range of coolers both for quality and design available.

We can offere units that provide water:

  • chilled
  • heated
  • ambient

totally natural mineral

Aquaserve Water Coolers Ltd Overview