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Here at Aquatherm Heat Transfer Ltd, we manufacture high quality swimming pool heat exchangers using 316 stainless steel tubes. These tubes are corrosion resistance to chlorinated pool and spa water.

Our Severn Bypass heat exchanger has been designed to be a self cleaning unit and provide a simple method of heating swimming pool water indirectly from the boiler.

Our Avon full flow heat exchangers has removable end plates, tubes and heads, making it easily maintained and more reliable to suit larger leisure and competition pools.

Strainer Boxes - Pump Filter Protection

Developed for the protection of your pumps, our strainer boxes are manufactured from stainless steel 316 to ensure corrosion resistance to chlorinated pool and spa water.

We can build strainer boxes to meet your requirements and complete with 316 stainless steel baskets.

Suction Pump Manifold

We provide a wide range of stainless steel products for the leisure industry and can offer pipework services including pump section headers. For more information on our suction pump manifolds, please visit our website.

Storage and Non Storage Calorifiers

We are an established family business with a core business for the design and manufacture of both storage and non-storage calorifiers.

Many years of technical and production experience are represented in our innovative storage and non-storage calorifiers and we serve hospitals, universities, local authorities and leisure centres in addition to general industrial applications.

Replacement and Refurbishment

We offer a replacement and refurbishment service for tube bundles, headers and shells that cover most types of heat exchangers and both water and steam applications.

Available with a lead time of 10 working days, generally we can cross-reference the original manufacturer’s model number or a company representative can measure the tube bundle on site.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Our plate heat exchangers have a compact and efficient design, offering heat transfer solutions for heating, cooling and heat recovery:

General features include:

  • Frame - painted carbon steel.
  • Plates - AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Gaskets - Nitrile, EPDM and Viton.
  • Connections - BSP/DN.

The 316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger, with its compact design and high thermal efficiency is perfect for hydraulic systems and is suitable for all sizes of pools.

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