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"At Aquentis we know the worlds changing and we recognise we need to be at the forefront of technology not just to keep pace but to lead."

Our dedicated research and development team which includes both in-house and contracted professionals ensure that we always approach the problem with a fresh and unbiased attitude with no preconceived idea's of what's needed.

Our equipment is designed with the installer in mind but with no loss of functionality for the end user, and our partnering program with selected installers, end users and specifiers along with our own dedicated installation and maintenance teams provide us with a valuable information flow from all market sectors.

We design our equipment to be easy & intuitive to use and avoid unnecessarily & complicated controls, the primary function of the equipment must always be to clearly indicate the state of the monitored environment.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments are available to Insurance Companies and individual entities who need to know the likelihood and possible sources of a leak. Contrary to popular conceptions most leaks which cause damage in the office and commercial environments aren't the deluge of water rushing down the riser or the burst pipe above the ceiling, most are small, spilling only Litres per hour but going unnoticed for days, weeks or months.

Even a small amount of water in the wrong place can cause major business interruption and with modern offices having false floors and ceilings, water, power and data all run in close proximity to each other and a leak in these areas can often go unnoticed until the inevitable happens. Hopefully only a few desks will be affected but if this happens in the Computer Room, MCR, SER, SAT, then the story could be different.
Our Engineers have a vast experience of Leak Detection and Location systems and know the area's of risk that can cause most damage, that's why a number of insurance companies recommend us to clients here in the UK.
Apart from the obvious possible sources of a leak such as the perimeter heating, toilets and kitchens the modern way of working has introduced other sources of water into the working environment. It is not unusual to have ceiling mounted Fan Coil Units (FCU's), these often have a very cheap condensate pump which when fails allows the build up of water and eventually a leak occurs. Hot and cold drink vending machines and drinking fountains have cold water connections, should these machine develop a fault a leak can go unnoticed for days seeping below the floor into the void.
Of course the leak doesn't have to come from your property, if your in a multi-tenanted building do you know what's above your most important technical areas, Kitchen, Shower, Tea Point any of these could be there! If you share a floor then your neighbour could have a leak that's slowly flooding towards your areas.
Carrying out a Risk Assessment can highlight most of the dangers but of course no one can know where Peter the Plumbers dodgy joint might be, lets hope he didn't leave you one.
Risk Assessment


Because of our extensive knowledge of Enviromental Leak detection systems gained over more than 26 years in the industry we are uniquely placed to service your needs, from the initial risk assessment to final commissioning and hand-over Aquentis engineers can assist you every step of the way.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide the system which exactly meets your requirements. If required we can carry out the project management of your installation for you, thus freeing up your time and alleviating the stress and strain associated with so called "Fast Track" projects.
We will ensure that you are consulted at every stage of the project and we will organise regular site meetings at a frequency dictated by you. You will find that you can be as involved or uninvolved in the project as suites your available time and because we have handled similar projects before our first hand knowledge of the problems encountered will allow us to schedule disruptive elements to be carried out at a time which will have the least impact on your business.


Sad to say we have seen systems installed by untrained personnel that just weren't working and have been left unproven until they were needed to react and of course they didn't with obvious results.
We have even seen a system where the installer couldn't get the system to work so had wired the end of line terminator in the panel.

For peace of mind all systems should be fully commissioned and tested before they are put in to service.
Contact us for information on our commissioning service, we can commission most systems even if we didn't install your system.

Once commissioned the system should be regularly maintained to ensure the system continues to function.



Overlooked all too often system maintenance is a necessity not an option!

For all sorts of reasons maintenance can be overlooked, whether it is because of a pure oversight or a Facilities company trying to protect it's bottom line maintenance can be left undone. But as with all technologies, regular checks and servicing are vital to ensure the system's continuing efficiency and performance, left undone there is nothing to say the system will react when needed. Saving the cost of a few maintenance visits this year can seem like a good idea in the current economic climate but should the unthinkable happen and system down-time or business interruption happen then this is a truly false economy with far reaching ramifications.
Some insurance companies insist as part of their policy conditions that systems such as Liquid and Gas leak detection systems are installed and regularly maintained by a recognised service agent, if this isn't carried out then any claim could be disputed. Another way of looking at it is that if you have one of these systems it's there for a reason, someone wanted it and for good reason.
We offer a complete after sales service which includes regular maintenance visits to suite your site. Even if the system has been installed by other contractors we can still offer a comprehensive range of maintenance options from the simplest functionality test to a full Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule and all at prices you might not expect.

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