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Does your tree pose a threat to persons or property? It is the tree-owner’s duty of care to others to have potential problem trees inspected by a experienced arborist and remedied; tree surgeons may not know enough about physiological and structural symptoms to give you the correct advice.

AV Arboriculture can provide a fully referenced report that is easy to follow with recommendations prioritised to allow you to plan the work and budget accordingly. A minimum of 5 years between tree condition inspections is recommended by the UK Government.

Tree Consultants in Edinburgh

Professional and experienced arborists based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

AV Arboriculture offer tree inspections and planning surveys, inspections for bats in trees, tree planting and management services plus soil de-compaction and root excavation services, working with a broad range of corporate and domestic clients across Scotland.

Owned by Mike Charkow, a climbing arborist with over 10 years of tree surgery and consultancy experience, the company's comprehensive advisory service is guided by industry best practice and the latest developments in arboricultural research.

Pre-Development Surveys (BS5837)

A pre-development survey of trees on the site, commonly known as a BS5837 Survey, can be carried out by AV Arboriculture as part of the planning process for architects and developers or for home-owners.

It is advised that this survey is carried out prior to any development design, as the presence of trees on a site can cause constraints for the design. A full report including the trees' condition and categorisation (available in DWG and DXF format) will be provided.

Pre-Development Surveys (BS5837)

Inspections for Bats in Trees

Bats are protected by European law.

AV Arboriculture can inspect your trees for the prescence of bats prior to any tree surgery or felling, to prevent an offence being committed. We can provide ground-based ‘bat potential’ inspections as well as more thorough ground- and aerial-inspections of trees using an endoscope.

Inspections for Bats in Trees

Tree Planting and Management

Design, planting and management of trees, woodlands, orchards or even garden landscapes, carried out by an experienced arborist, for both residential and business clients in and around Edinburgh.

Tree Planting and Management

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