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We appreciate that vehicle fire suppression may not always be at the top of your list of priorities. As the UK’s leading independent supplier of fire suppression systems for vehicles and mobile plant, we also understand the need to offer your people and equipment maximum protection.

With experience in many sectors and knowledge of the specific risks involved in each, we specialise in bespoke systems that match your individual needs and working environment, and deliver unquestionable reliability and performance. We achieve this through an uncompromising devotion to detail at every level - from the materials we use and the people we consult, to the way we undertake installations. So, our systems perform flawlessly in all areas and all terrains.

We also provide a team of dedicated engineers and account handlers to ensure every stage of the process runs smoothly and a flexible way of working that takes into consideration your changing requirements. And the fire hazard analysis at the start of our process will ensure you get the vehicle fire suppression system that is perfect for your needs.

Ansul A-101 - The world's leading

Ansul systems have been protecting heavy equipment and vehicles in high risk industries for over 50 years. This system performs exceptionally well in rugged and hazardous environments and has a reputation for excellence.

From small vehicles to large non-road equipment, you'll find Ansul systems protecting excavators, haul trucks, loaders, drag lines, dozers, drills, scrapers, graders, compactors, slag pot carriers, underground mining equipment, forestry, waste haulers, and agricultural vehicles.

  • Twin agent system
  • Infra-red detection
  • Proven system reliability
  • Designed for the most demanding environments
  • FM and CE approved dry chemical systems
  • NFPA and UL 1254 Compliant
  • Proven cartridge operation
  • Manual or automatic detection and activation
Ansul A-101 - The world's leading

Vehicle Fire Suppression

When you have a million and one things to do, maintenance is one more thing to worry about. However, keeping your vehicle fire suppression systems properly maintained is crucial.

At Ardent, we aim to do the worrying for you and take away the hassle of meeting your maintenance schedule. We'll send you regular reminders when individual systems need servicing, organise a visit from an engineer and undertake frequent checks and reviews to make sure everything works as it should. So, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your people and equipment are always protected and your systems are always ready to go.

Vehicle Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression System

Safety is key to our vehicle and fire suppression systems and keeping your people safe remains our number one priority. We also appreciate the investment you have made in your equipment and business and remain committed to offering you the best possible protection.

To ensure our systems make the grade and perform in every environment, we continually invest in new equipment, technology and training and constantly review our products and services. We also refuse to compromise on quality, even if that means our systems cost a little more.

The result is hassle-free, high-performance fire suppression systems that you and your team can trust every day.

Fire Suppression System

Fire Protection Systems

When it comes to vehicle fire suppression, we're experts in protecting your people and equipment and remain the UK's leading independent specialist for vehicle and mobile plant fire protection. With a network of leading suppliers and experience in many sectors, we also have a strong track record in supplying, installing and maintaining systems around the world.

Our knowledgeable engineers understand the need for solutions that keep your organisation moving and take time to understand your specific needs and situation, before specifying a system.

As a result, we can provide a bespoke fire protection system for almost any vehicle. For added convenience, our dedicated account managers can take care of the paperwork and oversee every stage.

This simple way of working guarantees you day-to-day support and allows us to continually fulfil your organisation's changing requirements. So, you’re always guaranteed reliable vehicle fire suppression systems that meet your budgets and needs.

Fire Protection Systems

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