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Argon Promotions

Argon Promotions are a UK based promotional products distributor who offer unrivalled quality, choice and customer service. We pride ourselves on knowing the market inside out, and being innovative enough to cope with all promotional campaign requirements.

We sell a vast array of promotional gifts offering a great and effective option for advertising and marketing brands. Through our website, there are so many types of gifts to choose from that there is bound to be one to suit all requirements.

No matter how small or competitively priced, corporate gifts are a great way to strengthen relations with customers or suppliers and to emphasise you appreciate their custom and remain loyal to them. From business card cases to cushion keyrings, these gifts - all of high quality when ordered through Argon Promotions - are a small but effective gesture that will be appreciated by your customers and cement your relationship for the future.

It��s not all about watches and laptops - whatever your business type, choosing the right kind of gift really lets your imagination flow! From personalised teddy bears to printed letter openers, there's bound to be an option that best fits your company's specific market and will suit your company name and logo perfectly.

Argon Promotions has thousands of promotional items available to suit any business, and coming in all shapes and sizes, are ready for customising for your very individual business needs. So whether you're a sweet shop looking to personalise your jelly bean bags or a large organisation looking to make your exhibition stand really draw in the crowds with your own branded conference bags, the aim is the same: to give your name a competitive edge and to get your company out there and shown to your customers and clients on high-quality products.

Whatever your target market, if you want to increase awareness of your company's name and message, promotional gifts, which can be perfectly tailored to your company's requirements, really will make you stand out from your competitors. Your generous gifts will stay prominent in the minds of conference attendees, clients and of course your staff come Christmas time!

Regardless of your advertising budget, promotional goods earn their keep 365 days a year; a personalised calendar showing your company logo or a printed wall clock are just two ways of making your brand presence felt every time the promotional goods are seen, which means priceless and effortless advertising.

Here are three examples of how Argon's promotional products can really enhance your brand status:

Promotional Mugs
Grabbing an office mug is often the first thing we do when arriving at work in the morning. Whether you or your customers are tea or coffee drinkers, it's a well-known fact that everyone needs a trusty mug close at hand throughout the working day.

That's why promotional mugs, branded with your company name, are such a valuable way of marketing your company to both your staff and your customers. Your brand name will be associated with a break from the computer screen, a source of comfort, warmth and refreshment for the employee, which will sit proudly and prominently on desks throughout the day. (Not to mention being offered to visitors and clients who will see you brand and recognise the high quality of the mug itself during conferences and meetings.) And wandering eyes during discussions are sure to subconsciously rest on your logo or slogan - refreshments are part and parcel of every business meeting, and by providing them in your company's branded mugs you're taking every opportunity to make your name recognised and 'out there'!

To make your promotional mug truly individual there are endless options, so there's bound to be a style, colour, finish and price range to suit your company's budget and to match your company's unique image. From glitter tumblers in bright colours to bone china cups and saucers, Argon Promotions have an array of options for you to consider; the choice is yours and depends on what your company image needs to be.

Conference Folders
First impressions are everything when you are in business. Any old stationary, be it folders or organisers, just doesn't cut the mustard when you are in meetings, at trade shows or exhibitions, where you're trying to put your company across in the best possible light.

That's why promotional conference folders are a must for anyone wishing to promote their brand on a premium product that will make people sit up and notice them.

why not take a look at some of Argon Promotions' promotional conference folders - they offer you the chance to make not only first impressions count for your brand and company, but also offer a practical way to make you organised and professional in appearance. And with numerous bespoke options available, you can really make the product perfect for your business needs both in appearance and by budget.

Promotional Sweets
A box of chocolates or sweets always goes down well in any office. And sending a customised treat to your valued customers and clients can be a fantastic method of getting your company noticed at a surprisingly low cost!

And it's not just indulgent treats that are an option for your company; whether for display at trade shows and exhibitions or as one-off gifts to prospective or existing clients, there are a so many options for tailoring your promotional sweets to your specific needs that you'll find it as hard to resist them as much as your recipients will.

Popping a tin of mints into briefcase and handbags is crucial for that pre-meeting boost, and your branded wrappers, mint cards and tins will make their way onto trains, in meetings or be present on desks with no further spend from you. The gift will not only show your thoughtfulness but will be something that everyone can benefit from. And to further prove that Argon Promotions has something for every business, dieters can also enjoy branded water bottles in an array of colours which contain mineral water of the highest standard.

At Argon Promotions, we offer over 5000 promotional products that we know can be customised to any client with mind blowing results. We are top dogs in the industry and provide aid for all promotional marketing campaigns to help improve awareness, brand presence and build customer relationships.

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