Arkote Ltd

With a history stretching back over 130 years, Arkote is still a thriving and innovating business in the 21st century making us world leaders in machine knives for the tobacco industry.

Arkote have a reputation for manufacturing knives of the highest quality for use in the tobacco and other industries. Over many years, we have developed a manufacturing process which ensures that our customers achieve long life, better productivity, minimum downtime and cost reduction.

As a long standing partner to the global industry, Arkote manufactures Tobacco Cutting Knives for world renowned primary tobacco processing machines such as Hauni, Garbuio, Dickinson Legg, Molins, Comas, ITM & Kunming. Tobacco knives made by Arkote are consistently produced to the highest ISO9001 standards.

Using specialist alloy steels specifically developed over many years in collaboration with our major global industry partners and our expert metallurgists, Arkote cigarette rod cutting knives are specifically manufactured to meet the demands of modern day cigarette makers.

Our precise, modern manufacturing techniques have been perfected through continuous improvement systems over many years to ensure the knives are produced consistently to the highest standards. Through use of cutting edge manufacturing processes including automation and robotics Arkote are able to manufacture millions of parts with impeccable accuracy and consistency meaning the knife will produce a perfect cut every time. 

Alongside the world leading knives, Arkote supplies a complimentary range of knife grinding products used both in the primary and making/tipping areas of tobacco manufacturing; including the well known Adamantine brand.


6 Parkway Rise Sheffield S9 4WQ United Kingdom