ARM is a specialist technical recruitment company covering many industry sectors in the UK and abroad. Dedicated technical recruitment divisions specialise in finding recruitment in many technical, engineering and IT industries including manufacturing, automotive, rail, power and energy, IT and defence.

At ARM we endeavour to maximise the potential of our clients by making sure they are prepared for the roles they wish to follow. We have a strong passion for helping people find their ideal role and we hope our dedication and hard work is reflected in our work ethic. We ensure only the most appropriate candidates are put forward and all are vetted thoroughly first.

Soft Skills Training

At ARM we offer soft skills training services to complement our recruitment services. We offer:
  • Personal and management development: Effective Communications
  • IT user training: Web design packages, office applications
  • Technical IT training: Linux, Microsoft, Oracle
  • Project Management: Agile, APM, Change Management
  • Specialist training courses including: Open source tech training, telecoms training, Agile software development, JAVA
Some benefits of soft skills training with us include the widest choice of training services and a needs analysis to find the most suitable course for you. We offer a detailed pre and post-course evaluation materials for your benefit. We are a one point of contact for training and recruitment needs. We offer great prices and no compromise of quality.
Soft Skills Training

Client Services

At ARM we offer client services to enable candidates to gain the employment to which they are most suited. We run ARM consulting, a complementary service so candidates can make the most of what we can do to promote them. Client services include training courses to gain, if needed, essential industry skills, analysis of abilities and attraction.   

Client Services

Contract Recruitment

ARM provides contract recruitment with only the best contractors, with both short and long-term contracts available in the UK and Europe.

We maintain a great rapport with contractors and find placements that best suit the needs of our candidates. Contract recruitment candidates are checked and vetted to make sure they are suited for the roles. We have a dedicated care support team to ensure all clients and contractors are satisfied.

Permanent Recruitment

ARM provides a permanent recruitment service where we work hard to find the most suitable candidates for the most suitable employers. This is not just finding the right skills for the role but also finding the right attitude and work ethic.

We have many permanent recruitment clients in technical industry sectors such as defence, infrastructure, marine, oil, and manufacturing industries. 

Permanent Recruitment

Contractor Service

A contractor service, like the one we offer, can be a safer way to hire workers due to legal and cash-flow reasons. With our contractor service we have our legal and financial teams organise detailed contracts between clients, contractors and us.

We may be able to offer a discounted rate if the contact between the contractor and our client already exists. Professionalism and unrivalled conduct is assured as we are affiliated with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and the Professional Contractors Group (PCG).

Contractor Service

Recruitment Fairs

At ARM we organise recruitment fairs and open evenings for clients to attract active and passive candidates. We take care of the booking of the venue whether at Langstone Technology Park, client venues or a neutral venue. We take care of the advertising campaigns and network methods aimed at people specifically suited to your industry.

Recruitment fairs are great opportunities for job seekers to gain an understanding of the company and the industry as a whole. They are a great way to gain press coverage for clients and they promote awareness in the future. It is also an opportunity to learn more about ARM and what we can do to help your career progress.

Recruitment Fairs

Legal Service

ARM offer a legal service where we provide advise and information regarding contracts law, company law, EU law, immigration law, employment law, and IR35.

Our legal service is on hand to answer any questions regarding, for example, topics like taking on workers requiring permits to work or what certain clauses mean within a contract.

ARM Overview