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Arnott Conveyors offer over 34 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of conveyor systems.

Manufacturing to the highest standards, we specialise in solutions for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Home and Personal Care Markets. We are one of the leading conveyor companies based in the UK.

Over the years we have built an impressive track record for quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Through experience, we have developed a clear understanding of our customer needs in their specific markets which have led to strong and long lasting relationships with many major “End User” and “Original Equipment Manufacturers”.

Conveyor Services

Arnott Conveyors can offer Consultancy, Feasibility Studies, 3D design models, Factory Surveys, Project Management, Control Systems, Factory Acceptance Tests, Installation and Commissioning, Site Acceptance Tests, and Existing line Modifications.

With each project depending on size and specifications the following project support is available as standard.

  • Full Site Survey
  • Design & Layout in 3D using SolidWorks
  • Project Management
  • Build
  • Controls
  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • After sales support
  • Spares
Conveyor Services

Conveyor Modification

With competitive market conditions and tighter budgets to achieve increased productivity, modifications to existing lines can sometimes be more beneficial than introducing new equipment.

Arnott Conveyors offer their “Cut & Shut” service to modify existing conveyors and line layouts. This option can be a major benefit when changes are required to modify existing lines so that new products can be introduced. Another quick benefit can be the introduction of lift up gates in a conveyor section to aid access into areas which have become restricted and steps can not be utilised.

From an initial site survey Arnott will offer a solution based on your needs to achieve any modification or revised layout on a line.

Conveyor Modification

Modular Belt Conveyors

Designs for straight running, side flexing, spiral and indexing are available.

For hygiene purposes the modular belt can be lifted from the openly constructed support deck in seconds. The addition of knife edge wire belt transfers at each end will ensure a smooth and level passage of the product at the in feed and discharge ends. Spray bars and inspection grills can be included if required.

Modular Belt Conveyors

PU/PVC Belt Conveyors

The belt conveyor is the well known standard work horse of many production areas. Arnott’s standard belt material is Polyurethane though many material types and ply’s are available to suit the multitude of applications in the market.

Due to the potential wandering nature of belts, Arnott have developed their own pneumatic belt tracking system ideal for reducing maintenance and increasing belt life. This is fully automatic and requires only air to operate.

PU/PVC Belt Conveyors

Automatic belt tracking system

 Accurate, automatic alignment of conveyor belts for use in light industry

A simple cost effective solution to belt tracking

The movement of the belt is dictated by the movement of the snub roller. The system is only triggered when the belt moves off centre, when this occurs the belt is steered back to its centre position.

  • Simple, few moving parts
  • Operates in all conditions, wet and dry
  • Works on reversing belts 
  • Easy installation and reduced maintenance 
  • Adjustments made only when necessary reduces wear on system
  • Fully pneumatic, no electrical supply required
  • Increased belt life by reducing damage to edges
  • Eliminates downtime caused by belt mis-tracking
  • The system can be mounted to most conveyor frames without belt removal.
Automatic belt tracking system

Slat Conveyors

Our slat conveyors are available in stainless steel and aluminium and are ideal for long and winding routes through production areas.

The system can also be utilised for over head conveying, conveying products to packing areas or to other operations, ensuring floor space is kept free and clear.

Slat Conveyors

Wire Belt Conveyors

Arnott’s wire belt conveyors lend themselves to a multitude of uses. Various end transfers can be produced including knife edges, pivoting and retractable ends.

Wire belts are suitable for use in high or low temperatures and extremely wet conditions. Removable spillage trays, belt washers and brushes can be provided with additions such as glazing sprays and flavouring dispensers also available to order.

Wire Belt Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors are available to order. We make all our rollers in house and can tailor designs to suit your application.

Roller materials include stainless steel, polypropylene, plastic, mild steel zinc plated and aluminium.

Simple roller conveyors for tote bin packing or other end of line packing applications are standard. Conveyors can be manufactured in stainless, mild steel or aluminium sections.

Roller diameters and lengths can be made to suit applications; custom made rollers are available to order such as fluted designs for inspection conveyors.

Gravity roller conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyors

Arnott conveyors offer line shaft driven roller conveyors solutions in widths of 362mm up to 1012mm. Complete line automation and control is available using a range of accessories that include merge units, bends, blade stops, pack turn units, 90 degree line transfer units and zero pressure accumulation roller systems.

Available in stainless or mild steel painted sections the systems are reliable and robust and are suited to any end of line, packing hall or palletizing application.

Powered Roller Conveyors

Rotary Tables

Arnott's rotary tables are construction in stainless steel and house a robust, food quality, ultra high molecular weight, low friction plastic bed.
This provides a hygienic, product friendly surface.

The rotary tables are designed to be easily dismantled for maintenance and
hygiene purposes. Standard sizes are 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm diameter.

A rotary turntable can be a very cost effective method of discharging round containers such as pot and tubs from box unloading tables and separating them into single file to enter filling machines etc

Rotary Tables

Elevating conveyors

Available in Modular Belt, PU Belt and Slat conveyor variations, our elevator solutions can be manufactured to suit a wide range of products and applications. Simple incline or decline solutions can be manufactured with a selection of belt types available to ensure the products are conveyed correctly.

Swan neck conveyors with hopper in feeds, incline feed of product into hoppers for large bag filling or routing of flour, grain, wheat, fruit and fresh produce to their required destinations.

Side gripping elevator designs lend themselves reliably to pack or carton handling where overhead conveying is required to transfer packed products to central packing or palletizing.

Arnott Conveyors have successfully installed a number of applications where products are conveyed between floors. These include granulated and powdered product as well as flow wrapped and carton goods.

Elevating conveyors
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