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TYGRIS INDUSTRIAL RANGE of powerful cleaning aerosols

We sell Tygris Specialist high-grade aerosol products for cleaning, lubricating and protecting

The Tygris Industrial range of powerful cleaning aerosols deliver effective solutions for everyday, essential and challenging cleaning tasks in the following sectors Automotive, Electrical, Food Area, Industrial Maintenance & Operation, Janitorial & Hygiene & Plastic Moulding.

These are all 400ml unless otherwise stated.  Sold by box of 12.

Automotive Aerosol Products


  • R201 Carburettor Cleaner - strong solvent based cleaner used for the removal of oil, grease and stubborn gum deposits from carburettors and injection systems. Suitable also for cleaning brake parts and automatic chokes without dismantling in order to prevent stalling and to smooth out rough idling.
  • R202 Brake & Clutch Cleaner - powerful cleaning fluid used to remove oil, grease, dirt and dust from brakes and clutches, aiding in the elimination of brake squeal and clutch slip caused by glazing and contamination. Can be used on many other surfaces as a powerful cleaning agent.
  • R274 High Power Brake Cleaner - high power spray cleaning fluid used to remove oil, grease, dirt and dust from brakes and clutches, aiding in the elimination of brake squeal and clutch slip caused by glazing and contamination.  Can be used on many other surfaces as a powerful cleaning agent.
  • R203 Engine Degreaser - powerful, heavy duty emulsifiable solvent degreaser and de-waxer which simply sprays on and washes off, quickly removing oil, grease and tar deposits from engines and other surfaces
  • Dashboard Renovator is a light duty, pleasantly fragranced cleaner and polish for internal plastics and trim in automotive applications. It cleans and shines dashboards, fascias and other interior panels, restoring to original appearance without the need for manual buffing. It is fast acting with nearly instantaneous evaporation.
  • R205 Dashboard Renovator (Cranberry)
  • R206 Dashboard Renovator (Lemon)
  • R200 Dashboard Renovator (Apple)
  • R270 Dashboard Cleaner Non-Silicone - light duty, perfumed cleaner and polish for internal plastic, wood and veneered trim in automotive applications. It cleans as well as shines dashboards, fascias and other interior panels, restoring to original appearance without the need for manual buffing. It is fast acting with nearly instantaneous evaporation and, being silicone-free, can be used in areas where painting and re-finishing takes place.



  • R275 Seize Release Penetrating Oil - advanced formulation of Penetrating Oil with a shock freeze action which rapidly freezes seized components, causing micro-cracks in rust layers and allowing rapid penetration of the lubricant.
  • R273 Motorcycle Chain Wax - high performance lubricant particularly suited for motorcycle chains.  It protects against corrosion and wear and its tenacious formulation forms a water-resistant film which is easy to apply and gives long lasting protection. The lubricant is sprayed in a semi-liquid form, thereby penetrating the chain links and subsequently thickens to a waxy consistency which is not sticky. This ensures that road dirt does not adhere, reducing wear dramatically when compared to polymer chain lubricants.



  • R227 Rapid De-Icer Water Free - concentrated solvent-based rapid de-icer for windows, locks, hinges and mechanismsin extreme conditions. Being water free, re-freezing will be prevented down to -15¿C. The CO¿ propellant means application is effective at below freezing temperatures.


Protecting & Finishing

  • R204 Battery Terminal Protector - an easily applied fine film spray which protects battery terminals by sealing them from air and moisture, prolonging battery life and increasing its efficiency. Corrosive deposits are prevented from building up and the coating contains a pH indicator to detect the incidence of leaks.
Automotive Aerosol Products

Electrical Aerosol Products


  • R235 Electrical Cleaner - fast evaporating non corroding electrical cleaner is an alcohol based cleaning solvent designed for use in the electronics and switchgear industries and is suitable for cleaning most electrical apparatus. Safe to use with most plastics, it effectively cleans and degreases electrical contacts, circuit boards and print heads, leaving no residues.



  • R240 Circuit Freezer Spray - a rapid cooling agent used in a number of applications where lowering the temperature quickly is beneficial, including the detection of electronic equipment faults, working on small bore water pipes and shrink fitting of close-tolerance metal parts, A non-flammable, inert, liquefied gas.


Protecting & Finishing

  • R242 Clear Acrylic Lacquer - fast drying coating used to protect against mild acids, alkalis and general weathering. For sealing and protecting electronics, metal, wood and paper documents, leaving a smooth, transparent, scratch resistant film with good durability and toughness.
Electrical Aerosol Products

Food Area Aerosol Products


  • F400 Fast Dry Solvent Cleaner – a powerful, fast drying solvent designed to dissolve away all types of contaminant in the workshop quickly leaving no residue, eliminating the need of rinsing.
  • F406 Electrical Cleaner – a quick drying solvent cleaner used in food and clean environments for effective cleaning and degreasing of electrical components which, when dry, leaves no residue, so making for an efficient process without the added chore of wiping off dissolved dirt.
  • F420 Stainless Steel Cleaner – a cleaner and polish used for stainless steel, aluminium and chrome in food and non-food processing environments which leaves a protective coating to aid future cleaning.
  • F422 Foaming Cleaner – is a multi-surface foam cleaner for use on all types of equipment and hard surfaces in the food processing industry with a foaming action to help it cling for longer contact and action time.
  • F424 Label Remover – a solvent based blend for the removal of sticky labels from most substrates including many plastics, metals, rubbers, painted surfaces and other impervious materials, leaving no residues or markings.



  • F402 White Grease – is a highly effective white spray grease containin anti-wear additives for use in the lubrication of roller and needle bearings and chains.
  • F404 Multi-Lube – a general purpose food grade lubricant for use in and around food processing areas, for the lubrication of cables, chains, castors, hinges, bearings and pins.
  • F408 Chain Spray - a food grade chain spray which is a highly tenacious, anti-fling lubricant designed to keep chain and drive systems operating smoothly. Being non-toxic and water resistant it is ideal when used on food conveyor systems requiring frequent wash downs.
  •  F410 PTFE Dry Film Lubricant – a PTFE based dry film lubricant for use in food processing environments, formulated for use where conventional oils and greases are undesirable due to their dirt attracting nature.
  • F412 Penetrating Oil – a penetrating and release fluid with anti-corrosion properties which actively penetrates seized components.  A residual lubricating film adheres to the released part, facilitating re-assembly and helping prevent further corrosion. Effective over a wide temperature range, the all angle valve allows use in an inverted position.
  • F414 Belt Dressing – an effective food grade belt dressing spray used to reduce slippage and extend the life of drive belts, increasing transmitted power and improving efficiency and economy.
  • F416 De-Watering Anti-Rust Agent – is a PTFE based aerosol effective for use in displacing moisture and water based fluids from most surfaces, leaving a residual film of lubricant. Used on sliding surfaces, in bearings and for other light applications in food processing environments.
  • F418 Silicone Release – is an effective lubricant and release agent for the food industry, used to protect and lubricate a wide range of parts and equipment for the release of injection moulded parts when traditional oils are not suitable.
Food Area Aerosol Products

Industrial Maintenance & Operation Aerosol Products


  • IS2 Solvent Tool & Electronics Cleaner – is a medium to fast evaporating light duty solvent cleaner for use on metallic and plastic surfaces, removing general grime and also greases and oils in heavier duty applications. Can be used on electrical equipment once the supply has been isolated.
  • IS20 Electro Clean – is a very fast evaporating solvent cleaner for use on electrical components, making maintenance quick and safe on switchgear, fork lift electrics and where equipment will be used soon after this is carried out. Requiring no rinsing or cleaning off, grease and dirt are quickly and efficiently removed.
  • IS6 Foaming Tool Cleaner – is an aqueous/organic solvent base foam cleaner used to clean tools and other hard impervious surfaces by dissolving inorganic dirt and emulsifying organic greases and oils. Its foaming properties ensure maximum penetration of the contamination for effective cleaning, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance.
  • R207 Industrial Cleaner Fast Drying – is a fast drying industrial cleaner which is used to break down grease, dirt, oil and other workshop contaminants quickly and easily without the need of subsequent rinsing, saving time and maintaining a clean environment.



  • IS1 Looz-n-it Penetrating Oil – is a premium release fluid providing a powerful penetrating action which releases and lubricates metal components which have seized through corrosion, remaining effective even under water. Giving effective penetration and lubrication without damaging paintwork, it also actively displaces moisture and does not dry off.
  • R209 Graphited Penetrating Oil – is a graphite reinforced penetrating fluid, designed for use in semi-hostile environments, lubricating in temperatures of up to 150¿C, and penetrating to free seized and corroded metallic components. The presence of micronized graphite particles provides extended lubrication intervals and is also useful for anti seize applications.
  • R212 Clear Penetrating Oil – is a clear ‘low-viscosity’ oil based product used to aid the removal and freeing of seized nuts and bolts, hinges, locks, tools and fittings with a fast penetrating capillary action. Leaves a clear protective film to guard against further corrosion.
  • R211 Clear Fine Oil – is a general purpose, light duty lubricant and penetrant designed to release seized components and lubricate small, delicate mechanisms.
  • IS3 De-Watering, Anti-Rust Tool Protector – is a professional very high performance water displacement spray. So effective that it will actually displace other leading brands IS3 also offers good lubrication characteristics. A protective film is left on the treated surface, guarding against corrosion. Use on tooling, chains, switchgear, machinery and ignition systems.
  • R213 Water Displacing Anti-Rust Agent – is a high performance water displacement spray which actively drives out moisture, even from hard-to-reach areas, leaving a fine lubricating film which protects against corrosion. This film enables future dismantling of equipment. Also an effective cleaner and degreaser.
  • IS75 Clear Fork Lift Chain Lubricant – is a premium-grade oil based product that gives clear lubrication to chains and other moving parts where a dark coloured lubricant would be undesirable. Its anti-fling properties make it very effective when used on moving parts, penetrating into the mechanism and depositing a film of extreme pressure additives which will withstand pressure washing.
  • IS77 Synthetic Chain Lubricant – is a highly effective clear lubricant used in the food processing industry where a tenacious non-fling product is to be used in both high and low temperature situations, actively extending chain life by excluding moisture and protecting from corrosion. Resistant to water wash off and acids, it has been specially formulated for use on slow and fast moving chains.
  • R220 Chain & Wire Lubricant – is a heavy duty, molybdenum disulphide reinforced lubricant which penetrates deeply into drive chains and wire ropes to give long lasting lubrication, preventing corrosion, wear and chain elongation. It gives outstanding performance under extreme load and is resistant to fling off.
  • R228 Clear Polymer Chain Lubricant – is a clear, polymer based lubricant which is used on chains and sprockets, pins and bushes where its anti-fling performance is important and where a clear invisible film is necessary for cosmetic reasons. It penetrates into the chain, depositing a film of extreme pressure additives and polymers which will withstand pressure washing.
  • R216 Open Gear Lubricant – is a bituminous reinforced heavy duty lubricant formulated to protect and lubricate exposed gears, wire ropes and other moving parts. Exceptional penetrating and water resistance properties make it ideal for situations where exposure to weather is experienced and its tenacity resists throwing off during use.
  • R229 Drive & Bearing Lubricant – is an effective lubricant fir the lubrication of chains, bearings and wire ropes. Containing extreme pressure and anti-fling additives, this enhances chain and rope life whilst having minimal effect on rubber O-rings and components, and can be used at a wide range of temperatures.
  • R215 Belt Dressing Anti Slip – effectively boosts the performance of ‘V’, flat and round drive belts by reducing slippage, thereby extending belt life, reducing energy needs and the noise associated with slipping belts. Helps in the management of production costs and reduces environmental impact.
  • R232 Super Lube Extreme Pressure – is a PTFE reinforced lubricant with excellent penetrating properties. De-waters, lubricates, releases and protects.
  • R234 Copper Anti-Seize – is a high temperature lubricant providing outstanding overall metal protection against heat, rust, seizure and corrosion. Resistance to water and acids is high and it will not burn off under extreme stress. For use on threaded components, pins, valve stems in a range of materials including austenitic stainless steel. Used on brake callipers and the back of brake pads it will help eliminate brake squeal.
  • R233 Aluminium Anti-Seize – is a high temperature multi purpose blend of heat stable lubricant and anti-seize compound used in a wide range of automotive, industrial, marine and construction applications, helping to eliminate seizure, pitting and rusting of components exposed to heat. Used on threaded components, flanges, chains and locks to facilitate in future dismantling.
  • R218 Moly Dry Film Lubricant – is a molybdenum disulphide based lubricant for use where conventional wet oils would be undesirable. Particularly suitable for the assembly and running-in of gears, bearings, spindles and valves, it is effective for use where high temperatures occur, drying to a tough, matt black high slip coating.
  • R237 PTFE Dry Film Lubricant – is an effective dry film non-staining lubricant for use where wet oils would be undesirable. For use in the assembly of metal components and the lubrication of machine slides, cams and cutting shears in engineering applications.
  • R217 Silicone Lubricant – provides clean, low odour, non-staining lubrication for many applications, especially plastic parts and seals. Non-toxic in character, making it suitable where incidental food contact may occur.
  • R223 White Grease with PTFE – is a premium quality anhydrous calcium based grease for use in applications requiring good water resistance. For use in anti-friction and plain bearing pumping equipment and in the lubrication of linkages, door latches, hinges, gears, springs, bearings, rubber components, ‘O’ rings, striker plates and sliding shackles.
  • R230 Silicone Grease – is waterproof silicone based grease which is very effective for the insulation of electrical components and parts as well as being an excellent sealant against moisture. Ideal for use on rubber seals and many other exterior applications.
  • R219 Food Safe Lubricant – is a vegetable oil based lubricant based on ingredients approved for use in the food industry on moving parts which may come into incidental contact with food. It is odourless, colourless, contains anti-throw additives and is formulated to penetrate cable cores.
  • R226 Clear Grease – is used on chains and moving metal parts. This high performance grease penetrates rapidly before thickening to a tenacious grease which is highly resistant to throw off. The addition of extreme-pressure additives makes it particularly effective under heavy loads.



  • IS91 Crack Detector Cleaner No.1 – Part 1 is an effective slow-drying solvent cleaner used as part of the 3 part non-destructive crack detection system. It prepares the surface to be tested by cleaning and removing surface films.
  • IS92 Crack Detector Red Dye No. 2 – Part 2 is a highly penetrative bright red dye solution designed for rapid absorption into surface faults and imperfections, used as the second part of the 3 part non-destructive crack detection system for metallic surfaces.
  • IS93 Crack Detector Developer No. 3 – Part 3 is a developer used to enhance and clearly show any defects in metal castings and forgings etc, drying to a white opaque powdery coating and providing an excellent contrasting background previously treated with Dye Penetrant. Used as the third and final part in the non-destructive testing system.
  • R236 Leak Detector – is an inoffensive, non-corrosive foam used in the inspection of pipework to prevent leaks passing unnoticed with potentially dangerous effects. It will detect any leaks instantly and is harmless to most materials as well as being safe to use with most gases.
  • R260 Heavy Duty Adhesive Non-Chlorinated – is an easy to use, repositionable adhesive for bonding most surfaces, including textile, foam, rubber, plastic, foil, cardboard and paper. Good for fixing down carpets, underlay and floor tiles. In a non-chlorinated form for maximum safety.
  • R210 Heavy Duty Adhesive Non-Chlorinated 500 – is an easy to use adhesive for bonding most surfaces, including textile, foam, rubber, plastic, foil, cardboard and paper. Good for fixing down carpets, underlay and floor tiles. In a non-chlorinated form for maximum safety.


Protecting & Finishing

  • IS80 Blue Peelable Protector – is a blue peelable coating, easy to apply and remove quickly to most surfaces, used for sealing out moisture and dust, protecting from corrosion and damage. Also suitable for use on cable joints, switch gear, battery boxes, laboratory and marine fittings and for masking glass when painting or spraying surrounding areas.
  • R266 Green Moisture Guard – is an effective moisture repellent, formulated to provide an ultra-thin green film for protection from corrosion of moulds and tooling whilst in store.
  • R224 Bright Zinc Galve Spray – is a bright zinc and aluminium powder based spray used for the cosmetic finishing and protection of previously galvanised surfaces where the component has been cut or welded, thereby exposing meta to the air. Zinc is a sacrificial metal and will prevent oxidisation and corrosion. Resins in the coating cause it to bond firmly to the substrate.
  • R239 Zinc Galvanising Spray Heavy Duty – is a high quality zinc spray providing active metal protection against corrosion and an excellent primer coat. The sacrificial properties of zinc contribute to an effective defence against oxidisation should the coating become damaged. Zinc Galvanising Spray can be used both on bare metal and previously galvanised surfaces, and is suitable for spraying onto acrylic or cellulose paints (not alkyd). It may be over-coated with acrylic, alkyd, p/u alkyd and epoxy.


High Temperature Paint

Tygris very high temperature paint has a safe working temperature of 650¿C and when applied as directed, requires no primer. This high quality paint is suitable for machinery, industrial and automotive components and can also be used on domestic products.

  • P330 Black VHT Paint
  • R334 Aluminium VHT Paint


Acrylic Based Primer & Finishing Paints

Tygris Acrylic-based top-coat paints and primers can be used for a professional finish on most substrates with exceptional ease of use, resulting in a high quality appearance.

  • P300 Matt Black Paint                     RAL9005
  • P301 Satin Black Paint                    RAL9005
  • P301 Gloss Black Paint                   RAL9005
  • P303 Grey Primer
  • P304 White Primer
  • P305 Red Oxide Primer
  • P306 Gloss White Paint                  RAL9003
  • P307 Bright Silver Paint                  RAL9006
  • P308 Black Primer
  • P310 Gloss Blue Paint                    RAL5010
  • P311 Gloss Green Paint                 RAL6001
  • P312 Gloss Red Paint                     RAL3000
  • P313 Yellow Gloss Paint                 RAL1007
  • P314 Gloss Orange Paint                RAL2004
  • P315 Gloss Dark Green Paint         RAL6005
  • P321 Pink High Visibility Paint


Bespoke Paint

  • Any RAL or BS No. made to order
Industrial Maintenance & Operation Aerosol Products

Janitorial & Hygiene Aerosol Products


  •  R241 Micro Air Duster – a non-flammable pressurised air duster spray designed to physically remove dirt, grime and other loosely adhering contaminants when the use of wet chemical products would be unacceptable. Particularly useful on electrical, electronic and office equipment and when accessibility is difficult.
  • R244 Glass & Mirror Cleaner – a specially formulated aqueous, alcohol based cleaner which gives streak free cleaning of glass and mirrors, plastic, stainless steel and chrome. It is powerful enough to remove nicotine, finger marks, insects, lipstick and much more, making it ideal for car valeters, hospitals, hotels, airports, jewellers, window installers and cleaning contractors.
  • R247 Shoe Sterilizer – a fast acting anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shoe spray specially formulated for use in healthcare environments, sports centres, etc…. The bactericidal properties are effective against athletes foot.
  • Powerful action air freshener clears unwanted odours and leaves a long lasting freshness to large and small areas. Its dry formulation makes it safe for use in the home and is ideal for hospitals, care homes, changing rooms and community centres.
    • R248 Air Freshener – Cranberry
    • R249 Air Freshener – Lemon
  • R261 Super Power Air Freshener Cranberry – a powerful room air freshener that will counter unpleasant odours across large areas, replacing them with a fresh and pleasing aroma, its extra power nozzle propels the product over a significant distance.
  • R267 Sticky Label Remover – a solvent based blend for the removal of sticky labels from most substrates including many plastics, metals, rubbers, painted surfaces and other impervious materials, leaving no residues or markings.
  • R250 Barrier Cream – a high quality water based blend of skin-care ingredients used to protect hands from industrial soiling. Contains conditioners, humectants and emollients to retain skin freshness and replenish moisture and an anti-microbial agent to protect against infection. Use before and after work for maximum effect.
  • R251 Graffiti Remover – a powerful solvent and wetting agent based formulation making the removal of unwanted markings quick and effective, with minimal effect on the substrate. Will remove graffiti from plastics, wood, metal, glass and most painted surfaces.
  • R252 Graffiti Remover Viscous – this thickened powerful graffiti remover is effective in the removal of paint graffiti, ink and felt tip, particularly on vertical surfaces or areas where the slow evaporation aids in penetration for capable erasure of unwanted marks.
  • R253 Hard Surface Foam Cleaner – a solvent boosted aqueous cleaner with a foaming action used to cut through grease and grime, leaving a gleaming, smear free finish with a pleasant lemon fragrance. Its foaming properties allow it to cling to vertical surfaces and it is suitable for most hard, impervious materials.
  • R254 High Wax Polish – contains a blend of waxes, silicone polymer and perfumes and this is the base for this effective, high grade polish which produces a fine finish on most hard substrates. Suitable for use on polished and lacquered woods, plastics, rubber and bright metallic surfaces such as chromed finishes and stainless steel.
  • R255 Ink & Gum Remover Citrus Based – is an effective means of removing old and stubborn ink marks and gum deposits, leaving a pleasant citrus smell.
  • R256 Telephone Sanitiser – is an aqueous based cleaner and steriliser with bactericide for the effective removal of grime and germs from telephone handsets and other items of office equipment where there is a risk of cross infection in multi-user situations. It can also be used as a room air freshener.
  • R257 Upholstery Foam Cleaner – is a solvent free aqueous based cleaner formulated to remove grease and grime from fabrics, including upholstery, carpets, rugs and other porous fabrics. The foaming action ensures penetration and even distribution of the spray, making the cleaning of vertical surfaces easy.
  • R258 Stainless Steel Cleaner – maintains a sparkling appearance to stainless steel, chrome and aluminium surfaces. Its non-abrasive formulation cleans without scratching, leaving a protective film to aid in future maintenance.
  • R246 Clean & Polish – is a water based highly eff3ective cleaner with a wax enriched formulation to apply a shine to sealed wood, plastic, synthetic and metallic surfaces where a clean and polished finish is desired. Being silicone based, a deep shine is imparted.  
  • R262 Chewing Gum Remover – butane based, is a fast and mess-free way of removing gum from most surfaces. Unwanted gum is frozen into a hard lump, making it easy to chip off and remove, leaving no residue, the propellant ‘flashing off’ quickly.
  • R263 SWAT Insect Spray – is a highly effective spray for professional users involved in the control of flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects in public hygiene situations.  This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations Act 1986 (as amended) for use as directed.
  • R245 Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner – is a foaming action cleaner designed for use around the workplace where the build up of dust is undesirable, its anti static properties dissipating static electrical charges effectively. For use on all water resistant, nonporous surfaces, the foaming action aids in clinging to vertical surfaces.
  • R265 Anti-Static Cleaner - is a light duty, aqueous and alcohol based cleaner designed for use on office equipment, plastic, screens and many other surfaces where the build up of static electricity would be undesirable. Leaving a streak free finish, it leaves a residual anti static effect on both porous and impervious surfaces.
Janitorial & Hygiene Aerosol Products

Plastic Moulding Aerosol Products


  • IS25 Mould & Tool Cleaner Xtra – effectively removes surface rust, grease and oil from injection moulds, dies and other metal components, with a fast-drying solvent which leaves no residue, for minimal down time. High powered spray effectively flushes debris from difficult to reach areas
  • IS27 Mould & Tool Cleaner Supa – is used for the removal of difficult to dislodge deposits on injection moulds and metal components. Slow evaporation means that it can be used on warm moulds and can be left to work before wiping off.



  • IS40 Ejector Pin Lubricant – is a refined, highly tenacious lubricant developed specially for the plastic moulding industry to provide long lasting lubrication to pins, pillars and bushes, without causing contamination to mouldings. Can be used in temperatures of up to 110¿C, helping to prevent seizure and protect against corrosion.
  • IS45 Synthetic Ejector Pin Lubricant – is a high temperature, food area safe, synthetic product suitable for the lubrication of ejector pins, pillars and bushes on plastic injection moulding machines. Highly tenacious lubricant with an operating temperature of up to 240¿C which will reduce contamination to mouldings, helping to prevent seizure and to protect against corrosion.
  • R225 Solvent Free Non-Silicone Release – is a non-silicone release agent for use in the Plastic Moulding Industry, where further finishing processes are to be carried out. With a non-chlorinated, solvent-free vegetable oil base, it is stable up to a temperature of 200¿C. Conventional detergents easily remove any residue on this benign, non-toxic agent, allowing for further product finishing.
  • IS13 Mould Release Non-Silicone – is an excellent alternative to silicone spray for use in the Plastic Moulding Industry. It is a quick drying solvent and oil blend with a vegetable oil base, stable up to 220¿C. It is non-chlorinated and is easily removed by ordinary washing, facilitating further product finishing.
  • IS5 Mould Release Medium – contains a special blend of 10% silicone and PTFE, resulting in a very effective, proven mould release agent for the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry. Being colourless, it is non-staining and is heat stable up to 300¿C.
  • IS9 Mould Release Light – is ideal for the release of delicate plastic mouldings. This is particularly useful where marking of the plastic might otherwise occur. Used to give fine and lasting lubrication in a wide range of industrial applications, it is stable up to 300¿C.
  • IS10 Mould Release Heavy – is a heavy duty mould release agent with a 15% silicone content used for the release of more difficult plastic mouldings. Safe, colourless and non-staining it is useful as a lubricant around the workplace, and is temperature stable up to 300¿C.


Protecting & Finishing

  • IS60 Clear Mould Protector – is a clear metal protector, used for the protection of moulds and tools, leaving a clear, invisible film which is easy to remove or mould off. Used extensively in the plastic moulding industry it is non-staining and an efficient de-watering agent.
  • IS70 Green Mould Protector – is an effective moisture displacement, formulated to provide an ultra-thin green film for protection from corrosion of moulds and tooling whilst in store. Used extensively in the plastic moulding industry. Easy to clean or mould off.
Plastic Moulding Aerosol Products

Metalworking & Fabrication Aerosol Products


  • R214 Cutting & Tapping Fluid – is a ready to use cutting and tapping fluid specifically formulated to improve tool performance and extend tool life. It contains additives to prevent pitting, galling and metal seizure and is suitable for use on hard to work metals including stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and tool steel.
  • R208 Metal Working Spray – has been developed specifically to meet the cutting lubrication demands of harder metals such as stainless steel. Its enhanced extreme pressure additives and non-solvent, high mineral oil contents make R208 a consistently high performing lubricant which cools and penetrates to enable a clean cutting action and increase tool life.



  • R221 Weld Spatter Release Spray (Solvent Based) – is a special non-silicone formulation ideal for use on all types of welding equipment to prevent the adhesion of welding spatter. It can be applied to workpieces, nozzles, shrouds, jigs and tools and enables free gas flow in inert gas welding.
  • R222 Weld Spatter Release Spray (Water Based) – is a water based solvent-free formulation for use on all types of welding equipment to prevent the adhesion of welding spatter. It can be applied to workpieces, nozzles, shrouds, jigs and tools. Its water based properties offer an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based varieties.
Metalworking & Fabrication Aerosol Products

Stripeline Paint & Applicators

Stripeline Paint Applicators

  • HHA Hand Held Applicator - Use this handy applicator to do spot markings or short line marking work with Tygris Stripeline paint. Made from durable polymer, it is easy to use and comfortable to hold.
  • 2WA 2 Wheeled Applicator - This lightweight steel applicator takes 750ml Stripeline cans and with easy trigger activation, applies a consistent spread of paint with good line definition for straightforward line marking.
  • 4WA 4 Wheeled Applicator - The sturdy construction of this applicator makes it easy to apply steady line markings with clear line definition using Stripeline, with easy trigger activation


Stripeline Marking Paint – 750ml

Durable fast-drying solvent based paint used for applying semi-permanent markings to most hard surfaces, inside or outside. Used inverted with a hand held or wheeled applicator, this paint is rapid drying and has good resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Available in 7 colours for safety and legal purposes.

LMBE Line Marker Blue
LMBK Line Marker Black
LMGN Line Marker Green
LMOE Line Marker Orange
LMRD Line Marker Red
LMW Line Marker White
LMY Line Marker Yellow

Stripeline Paint & Applicators


Barrier - Anti-Slip - Line

  • TA101  Anti Slip Tape Black 50mm
  • TA102  Anti Slip Tape Black Extra Wide 100mm
  • TA103  Anti Slip Tape Black/Yellow 50mm
  • TA104  Anti Slip Tape Yellow 50mm
  • TA111  Barrier Tape Red/White 75mm
  • TA112  Barrier Tape Black/Yellow 75mm
  • TA118  Line Tape Yellow 75mm
  • TA119  Line Tape White 75mm
  • TA120  Line Tape Blue 75mm
  • TA121  Line Tape Blue 50mm
  • TA122  Line Tape Black 50mm
  • TA123  Line Tape Black/Yellow 50mm
  • TA124  Line Tape Black/Yellow Extra Wide 75mm
  • TA125  Line Tape Green 50mm
  • TA126  Line Tape Red 50mm
  • TA127  Line Tape Red/White 50mm
  • TA128  Line Tape white 50mm
  • TA129  Line Tape Yellow 50mm


Wipes - Developed to clean tough stuff

  • HW101 OneWipe (110 Tub) - has been specifically developed for use by professionals in all trades. These large, strong and absorbent wipes contain a powerful heavy-duty hand cleanser which is proven to remove tough stuff whilst remaining safe for use on hands. OneWipe contains a lanolin based moisturiser which conditions the skin preventing dryness and cracking. No rinsing of hands is required making the OneWipe not only an excellent safe cleaner but also a convenient essential for tradesmen.
  • HW111 Engineers Dual Textured Hand Wipes (110 Bucket) - quickly and effectively remove contaminants such as oil, grease, ink and petrol from hands, tools, machinery and similar interior and exterior surfaces whilst being equally effective for the removal of adhesive, bitumen, epoxies, joining compounds, mastic, paint, polyurethanes, polyester fillers, sealants and many other wet and semi-cured substances.


A range of quallity and reliable washroom products, including hand dryers, air fragrance and soap dispensers as well as vending machines and products.

Warm Air Hand Dryers

  • Valera Handy Dryer - A smartly designed compact hand dryer. Ideal for smaller restaurants, coffee shops etc. Swiss manufactured. ABS plastic front in either white or silver. Simple wall mounting without opening the applicance, Automatic operation.
  • Multi-dri Hand Dryer - Very powerful, vandal resistant hand & face dryer. All metal front covers available in powder coated white, bright chrome or brushed steel. Fully automatic with 360 degree rotating nozzle. A quality dryer at a great price.
  • Super Hand Dryer - Slimline, powerful, automatic hand dryer. Contemporary design, available in powder coated white, drained finish stainless steel or highly polished stainless steel. Brushless motor ensures powerful yet quiet operation, tamper resistant fixings. UK manufactured and guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Storm - A very robust ultra high speed hand dryer.  Automatic, air on demand operation. Drying time approx 10 seconds,  Uses 90% less power than commercial hand dryers. Die-cast aluminium front cover in either white or chrome finish. 
  • Blue Lightning - an elegant low energy consumption, high speed automatic hand dryer. Drying time 10 seconds approx. Blue led hand positioning system. Aluminium die cast front finished in white or chrome plated. Very low running costs. Internal switch to turn off heater if required.
  • Hyper-dri - Stylish modern new concept hand dryer. Super energy efficient with only 850watts of power. Less than 10 second drying time. Simple re-movable drip tray which eliminates excess water getting onto the floor. LED display unit, smart silver ABS cover.
Warm Air Hand Dryers

Lunar Fragrance Machines

  • Lunar Gelmaster - Strong ABS front cover. Main operation. Options of continuous running or time operated.  Made for largers areas. Tamper resistant but with easy gel access.  Unique gel filled tray, ensures all of the fragrance is used during its lifespan
  • Lunar Geltronic - Mains operated gel air freshener for larger areas.  The front is available in brushed or mirror finish stainless steel or Zintec steel, powder coated white.  Available with an internal timer or as a continuous running model.  Automatic gel feed system allows gradual release of fragrance or expose gel full in problem areas.  Built in air filter.  Manufactured in the UK.
  • Lunar Scentronic -  Battery operated (2 x alkaline D size) aerosol air freshener.  Either 24-hour or day/night sensor.  Time adjustable between metered doses.  Popular budget priced machines.  White
  • Lunar Spraytec - Battery operated (2 x alkaline D size) aerosol air freshener.  Either 24-hour or day/night sensor.  Time adjustable between metered doses.  Popular budget priced machines.  White or chrome
  • Lunar Soap Dispensers - Stylish automatic battery operated soap dispenser. Bulk fill container.  ABS front cover available in white or chrome. Hinged front with discreet tamper resistant fixing.
  • Lunar Air-charm - Battery operated (2 x alkaline D size) aerosol air freshener.  Either 24-hour or day/night sensor.  Time adjustable between metered doses.  Popular budget priced machines.  Single speed or button operated.  White, grey or beige. Hinged front with discreet tamper resistant fixing.
  • Replacement Fragrances - Replacement fragrances for scentronic & spraytec - Berry, Baby Powder, Citrus, Les Hommes, Mixed box (contents may vary).  Replacement fragrances for Sani-charm - Mandarin and sanitize only (no fragrance)
  • Batteries - replacement batteries


Lunar Fragrance Machines

Vending Machines

  • Vending Machines - Fully mechanical, no batteries required.  Single or dual column.  All steel case and working components for durability and reliability.  Hinged front cover for easy re-stocking.  simple push to lock mechanism.  Vends virtually any condom (or similar) sized pack up to 90 x 62 x 27mm.  £1, £2, £3 or £4 options available.  Euros and other mechanisms available to order.  Please call with your set-up requirements.  
  • Single column Value -Vend - in white for condoms
  • Double column Value-Vend - in white for condoms
  • Magnum Select 1 - single column in white
  • Magnum Select 2 - dual column in stainless steel
  • Magnum nappy vend - dual column in white
  • Multi-6 Fully electronic, all steel, multiple column (up to six) vending machine.  Programmable, can be set to vend at virtually any price. Mixed coins accepted.  Hinged, double locked front for easy servicing and fitted with an internal locking cash box.  'In-stock' indicator lights to maximise sales.  Battery operated with wake-up circuit to prolong battery life.  four standard sized columns available to suit most products - specials available to order.  Available in silver.
  • CVEM6M Basic machine with a silver front
  • SVEMCO Single channel only for condoms etc complete with tractor unit
  • SVEMFE Single channel only for fempacks etc complete with tractor unit
  • SVEMTO Single channel only for towels etc complete with tractor unit
  • SVEMTA Single channel only for tampons etc complete with tractor unit
  • Vending Products -  Towel/Tampons
  • SVPF01 3 Natracare tampons (1 super + 2 regular)
  • SVPF02 2 Natracare tampons (1 super + 1 regular)
  • SVPF21 2 Towels - press on with wings
  • SVPF22 1 Towel - press on with wings
  • SVPF41 2 tampons + 1 towel
  • SVPFA1 2 Always ultra normal plus
  • SVPFT1 2 Tampax regular tampon
  • Vending Products -  Condoms
    • SVPCJ1 Mojo Thin Skin (pk 3)
    • SVPCJ2 Mojo Extremel (pk 3)
    • SVPCM1 Mates Xtra Pleasure (pk 3)
    • SVPCM2 Mates Ultra Safe (pk 3)
  • Vending Products -  Tights
    • SVPT01 Nearly Black 15 Den.
    • SVPT02 Natural 15 Den.
    • SVPT05 Black 15 Den.
    • SVPT03 Lycra gloss. One size 36"-42" 15 Den.
    • SVPT04 Lycra natural. One size 36"-42" 15 Den.
    • SVPN01 1 Nappy, 2 wipes, 1 disposal bag
Vending Machines

Other Washroom Products

  • Lunar Water Manager - The Water Manger offers huge potential water/financial savings.  Programmable Water Management System that only allows flushing of automatic urinals during periods of occupation.  Battery operated (4 x alkaline AA included).  Supplied with sensor unit, solenoid valve (WRC approved) and fixing kit.  Massive water savings.  For larger washrooms the solenoid valve can be fitted to the incoming water supply allowing control of multiple urinals.  Available in white.
  • Lunar Sani-Charm - The Sani-Charm ensures urinal and WC facilities remain fresh and clean.  Automatic, deodorizer, descaler for urinals and toilets.  Battery operated (2 x C size alkaline).  Fully programmable dispensing unit to suit your service periods.  Installation kit for urinals or toilet cisterns included.  Tamper resistant with hidden display. Safe, environmentally friendly, cleansing technology - no harmful corrosive acids.  Available in white.
  • Bactokill - The Bactokill was designed and developed to destroy airborne bacteria and viruses. 60W high intensity UVC lamps, fitted with two air chambers.  By directing the air through these air chambers, the unit can control the dwell time of air passing through them and over the UVC lamps.  It is during this dwell time that the bacteria, moulds and ciruses are virtually eliminated - making the Baktokill an essential tool in the figth against MRSA, SARS etc.  The Bactokill is also being used heavily in a secondary application in destroying, not masking, stubborn malodours in areas sich as nursing homes or changing rooms.  Please call for more information.
  • CBAC15 Bactokill
  • SGEBSP Natural oil starter pack for the Bactokill (2 packs of pads + 1 container)
  • Sani bins - Robust pedal operated sanitary disposal bin.  Discreet operation - as the outer lid opens, the inner disposal chute rises to conceal bin contents.  Can be placed either side of WC.  Slim, sleek designs & manufactures in tough ABS.  Capacity 20 litres.  Size H=41.5cm W=17cm D=48cm


In addition we also offer a full sanitary disposal service. Please enquire with your requirements.

Other Washroom Products


We offer a wide range of catering equipment with over 12,000 products







Please call our helpful and friendly staff to find out more about our workwear available and the options to have your logo embroidered on to the garments.


Evans Vanodine Range of Cleaning Products

The company is renowned for its strictly defined procedures within the quality control laboratory and throughout the manufacturing process. Their commitment to Total Quality Management was recognised when the company was awarded ISO 9001 (Cert. No. 09535). This is complemented by highly qualified and experienced product development chemists and microbiologists using up to date equipment and protocols, which contributed to the microbiology laboratory being awarded a National Accreditation (UKAS) for disinfectant Testing (Cert. No. 1108). Evans Vanodine has also achieved accreditation by the British Standards Institution under the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 (Cert. No. 506072). This requires the company to commit to the protection of the environment and fully comply with all relevant environmental legislation. Commitment to quality and service is deeply rooted in the Evans family tradition and this, together with dedicated staff throughout the company,  will ensure continued success for Evans Vanodine and their customers over the coming years.

Evans Vanodine Range of Cleaning Products

Floor & Carpet Care

Floor Polishes

  • Enhance (A098EEV2) – Metallised Ultra High Solids Wet Look Finish. Suitable for heavy traffic areas
  • Mexapol (A074EEV2) – Metallised High Solids Dry Bright. For medium to heavy traffic areas.
  • Sus-tain (A062EEV2) - Metallised Medium Solids Dry Bright. For medium to heavy traffic areas.
  • Sirtan Liquid (A059TEV) – Liquid Wax Polish, solvent based for wooden floors. 5ltr.


Floor Maintainers

  • Clean & Shine (A078EEV2) – Mop or spray clean, floral perfume. Suitable for damp mopping & spray burnishing.
  • Easy Shine (A06EEV2) – Multi-purpose floor polish& maintainer, perfumed.
  • High Class (A139EEV2) – General purpose neutral cleaner. Mop or spray clean. Damp mop, spray clean or wipe. Fresh orange fragrance.


Floor Seals & Pigment

  • Superseal (A027TEV) – Polyurethane floor seal for internal wood & concrete floors. Solvent based, high gloss, extra durable. 5ltr.
  • Sealaqua (A025EEV2) – Water based polyurethane floor seal. Quick drying, low odour.
  • Sealant B (A061EEV2) – Emulsion polish primer for old & porous floors. Penetrates into the surface, acts as an undercoat.
  • Seal Pigment (D036AEV) – for use with Superseal. In grey or green. 1 x 500gm.


Floor Polish Strippers

  • Easy Strip (A141EEV2) – fast acting rinse free polish stripper & wax remover. For use with mop or floor machine.
  • Sure Strip (A047EEV2) – High active floor polish stripper. Use in conjunction with a floor machine. Also suitable for cleaning heavily soiled areas.


Floor Gels

  • Lemon Gel (A013EEV2) – Citrus Viscous Gel – for mopping and spray cleaning. Remove general soil from all washable surfaces.
  • Pine Gel (A097EEV2) – Viscous Floor Gel – for mopping and spray cleaning. Remove general soil from all washable surfaces.


Carpet Care

  • Dri-Foam (A023EEV2) - perfumed carpet & upholstery shampoo, for use with rotary machines.
  • Extract Pro (A014EEV2) – Anti-soiling carpet & upholstery shampoo, for extraction machines.
  • Defoamer (C036EEV2) – add to waste tank of extraction machines.
  • Spotlight (A034AEV) – spot & stain remover for carpets & upholstery in ready to use trigger spray.    6 x 750ml.
  • Oxy Powder (C018AEV) – multi purpose stain remover, packed in 1kg tub complete with scoop.         6 x 1kg
  • Odour Neutraliser (A196EEV2) – non enzyme; for carpets, fabrics & hard surfaces. EN1276.
  • Odour Neutraliser (A196AEV) – non enzyme; for carpets, fabrics & hard surfaces, in trigger spray. EN1276. 6 x 750ml.


Scrubber Drier Products

  • Low Foam Heavy (A109EEV2) – suitable for cleaning factory & warehouse floors.
  • Low Foam Light (A176EEV2) – ideal in supermarkets & shopping centres.
  • De-ionised water (A011EEV2) – for topping up batteries in fork trucks, cars and floor machines.
Floor & Carpet Care

Hard Surface Cleaners

Neutral Hard Surface Cleaners

High Class (A139EEV2) – General purpose, mop or spray clean

Apeel (A157EEV2) – Citrus multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser

Apeel RTU (A112AEV) - Citrus multi-purpose cleaner & degreaser, in trigger spray 6 x 750ml


General Hard Surface Cleaners

Versatile (A018EEV2) – General purpose multi surface cleaner, perfumed.

H.S.C. (A035EEV2) – Hard surface cleaner, lemon.

Mystrol (A042EEV2) – Concentrated tough all purpose cleaner, lemon perfume.

Mystrol RTU (A037EEV) – Concentrated tough all purpose cleaner, lemon perfume, in trigger spray    6 x 750ml

E.M.C. Plus (A080EEV2) – Safety floor cleaner & degreaser, unperfumed, mop or spray clean.

Rubicon (A044EEV2) – Citrus cleaner degreaser, removes oil, grease and heavy soil.

G.A.C. (A076EEV2) – Powerful acid cleaner for concrete and brickwork.

Vehicle Cleaning

Traffic Soil Remover

T.S.R. 100 (A036EEV2) – Removes traffic film from commercial vehicles

T.S.R. 100 (A036KEV) – Removes traffic film from commercial vehicles, 1 x 25ltr

T.S.R. 100 (A007KEV) – Removes traffic film from commercial vehicles, double strength, b 1 x 25ltr

Super Concentrates

E Dose Chemicals

EC2 Degreaser (A107AEV) – Unperfumed, heavy duty cleaner degreaser c/w closing cap 4 x ltr

EC2 Degreaser (A107EEV2) – to refill 1lt dosing bottle OR use in e:dose dispenser

EC4 Sanitiser (A133AEV) – Unperfumed cleaner sanitiser c/w dosing cap. Passes EN 1276 4 x 1ltr

EC4 Sanitiser (A133EEV2) - to refill 1lt dosing bottle OR use in e:dose dispenser. Passes EN 1276

EC6 All Purpose (A033AEV) – All purpose hard surface cleaner c/w closing cap 4 x ltr

EC6 All Purpose (A033EEV2) - to refill 1lt dosing bottle OR use in e:dose dispenser

EC7 Heavy Duty (A041AEV) – Heavy duty hard surface cleaner c/w closing cap 4 x 1ltr

EC7 Heavy Duty (A041EEV2) - to refill 1lt dosing bottle OR use in e:dose dispenser

EC9 Washroom (A057AEV) – Washroom cleaner & descaler c/w closing cap 4 x ltr

EC9 Washroom (A057EEV2) - to refill 1lt dosing bottle OR use in e:dose dispenser


E Dose Accessories

E:Dose Dispenser (C088AEV) – Bucket fill

E:Dose Dispenser  (C087AEV) –Trigger fill

EC2 Degreaser Spray Bottle (CR7500) – for use with solution of EC2

EC4 Sanitiser Spray Bottle (CR7600) – for use with solution of EC4

EC6 All purpose spray bottle (CR8000) – for use with solution of EC6

EC7 Heavy Duty Spray Bottle (CR7800) – for use with solution of EC7

EC9 Washroom Spray Bottle (CR7900) – for use with solution of EC9

Trigger Head (L0950) – for use with EC2, EC4, EC6 & EC7 spray bottles

Foaming Trigger Head (L0960) – for use with EC9 washroom spray bottle, provides a light foam

Wall Shelf (D032AEV) – brushed stainless steel, for use with e:dose products, 2 units

1LT Bracket (D023AEV) – holds 1 x 1 ltr e:dose dosing bottle

2 x 5LT Dispensing System Cage (D078AEV) – holds 2 x 5ltr bottles for use with Aeroflow Tap for refilling

Aeroflow Tap (GP0201) – for use with 5ltr bottles

Display Clip (D018AEV) – Attaches to 5ltr bottles, for use with ID labels

Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Let your home or office sparkle with our cleaning services in South East. Hire the experts at Wallis Cleaning Contractors. As specialists in the business for 30 years, we provide cleaning solutions for all your specific needs.

Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Window Cleaning

Is grime building up on your windows? Trust the professionals at Wallis Cleaning Contractors with our high-quality window cleaning solutions.

Window Cleaning

Wallis Cleaning Contractors

You can rely on us for all types of cleaning solutions. Contact Wallis Cleaning Contractors today for a free quote. We serve Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire Feltham, Hounslow, Windsor and Richmond. Contact us to find out if we cover your area

Wallis Cleaning Contractors

Commercial Cleaners

Your company premise is the first impression customers receive of your business. We understand that a clean office needs to be a healthy working environment. We use the best technology to ensure your office is spotlessly clean. Additionally, our cleaning tools and equipment are of highest quality.

Commercial Cleaners

Builders Cleans

If you've recently had construction work completed at your home or business premises, there will inevitably be a certain amount of mess left behind. This is where we come in; Wallis Cleaning Contractors provide a thorough builder's clean service to get your property looking spotless once again.

Builders Cleans

Clothing & Footwear

We have a fantastoic range or Workwear.

Clothing & Footwear


We have a huge range of Commercial Kitcheware


Baking & Cookware

As your first choice supplier you can expect a first class service, from initial enquiry to delivery of goods and after sales suppor

Baking & Cookware

Food Storage

  • Gastronorm Pans
  • Ingredient Containers
  • Food Transport
Food Storage


  • Labels
  • Packaging & Food Service
  • Check Pads
  • Table Covers & Napkins

Tables & Sinks

  • Preparation Tables
  • Dishwasher Tables
  • Taps
  • Sinks
  • Waste Disposal
Tables & Sinks

Trolleys & Shelving

  • Clearing Trolleys
  • Racking Trolleys
  • Shelving Units
  • Wine Racks
Trolleys & Shelving

Health & Hygiene

Safety Signs , Hazardous Area signs.

Health & Hygiene


  • Cutlery
  • Crockery
  • Glassware
  • Table Service
  • Table Linen
  • Menus
  • Display Boards

Buffet & Beverage Service

  • Serving Trays
  • Beverage Service
  • Food Display
  • Hotel & Bar Amenities

  • Bar Supplies
  • Cash Registers
  • Hotel Amenities
Buffet & Beverage Service

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Indoor and outdoor furniture

Folding Furniture


Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Catering Appliances

  • Toasters
  • Grills
  • Fryers
  • Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Sous Vides
  • Mixers
  • Food Processors
  • Juicers
  • Meat Slicers
  • Ice Cream Makers
  • Stick Blenders
  • Drinks Blenders
Catering Appliances

Beverage Appliances

  • Water Boilers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Drink Dispensers

Commercial Catering Refrigeration

  • Shop Display
  • Bar Display
  • Kitchen
  • Ice Machines
Commercial Catering Refrigeration
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