Aromas e Boletos


Aromas e Boletos is a company working in the field of mycology, and environmental sustainability. Develops products based on mushrooms, exploring its culinary and medicinal virtues enjoying what nature offers us a sustainable way, without forgetting the environmental concerns. 

Within the gourmet area, offers a range of products that stand out for their originality and high quality, including teas and chocolates mushroom with medicinal properties, liqueurs, mead, continuing daily to develop new products to captivate the palate of its customers. 


The company develops technology for the production of mushrooms either to large or to small producers aficionados. Still embraces several projects at national level, one of a cluster of mushroom growers in order to cope with the internal and external market. For the curious features workshops, and training in the various areas it operates.

Aromas e Boletos Overview