Aromatique Coffee


With the Aromatique Coffee System you will have access to the World of Coffee, without the requirements of any preparations or knowledge.

Intuitive digital user interface will offer you the selection and within seconds, you will have a frothy, delicious Cappuccino, a strong black Italian Espresso,

a delicious Hot Chocolate with the traditional home made taste and many more.

Enjoy a varierty of drinks at the touch of a button.



The Aromatique Coffee System is equipped with an intelligent cartridge that is very easy and clean to use. Think of this machine as a compact professional coffee vending machine that produced deliciously fresh Aromatic coffee every time at a very simple touch of a button. It takes only 17 seconds to brew a cup of coffee. The machine automatically doses, mixes and brews your favourite cup to pre-programmed recipes by feeding ingredients from up to 4 cassettes. It could not be easier.


Measures at only 42cm in total height - this is one of the world's smallest and most intelligent coffee systems for small and medium size offices and departments. Aimed at producing up to approximately 40 cups of coffee per day.


When designing the Aromatique Coffee system the main priority was to make it straight forward to use with a clear, user friendly interface. The machine is Self Cleaning and self maintaing. It describes what it is doing along the way and informs of any requirements at each stage - the temperature of the boiler is always clearly displayed.

Simply open one of the magnetic doors and it will display levels of all ingredients.

The system monitors all the ingredients consumption at all times and signals when one or more of the ingredients will need replenishing. Good-bye to weak and poor coffee quality.



The Aromatique Professional is equipped with several intelligent sensors that ensure correct handling of the machine. The Infra Red Cup Sensor will always check that a cup is present before brewing. Intelligent, and no more mess from unintentional spillage on surfaces!

The Aromatique Professional executes a fully automatic cleaning programme at pre- determined times that ensures thorough cleaning of the whole system. 

Every Cassette contains an RF-ID Digital Chip which communicates with the system to inform the coffee machine with the following information:

               1. Where the Cassette is placed (up to 4 available compartments)         

2. What the Cassette contains (type of ingredients).              

                    3. Level of ingredients (This information is then displayed on the screen).   


The Aromatique Coffee System is ideal for all sizes of offices, with easy-to-use features, a variety of 4 ingredient cartridges to meet all taste preferences, and convenient, "no-mess" cleanup. Aromatique offers a high-quality alternative to traditional vending machines and individual filtered coffees. The Aromatique can be positioned in virtually any area of an office - from welcome areas to conference rooms, coffee corners, executive floors and individual offices.



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