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Arrow oils manages your cooking oil collection need from start to finish. We are a nationwide company with 15 UK oil collection depots, making us the largest vegetable oil management business in the country.

We manage the cooking oil cycle for a wide range of catering establishments from restaurants to pub chains, hospitals, schools and industry. Our flexible service means collections to suit your business.

Arrow are fully licenced, insured and provide a waste control note for every collection. This traceability is used to raise detailed monthly reports giving multi-site customers greater control over outlet oil usage.

With a dedicated customer service team based in one central office in the UK you can expect fast response to enquiries, collection scheduling and centralised billing.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Arrow oils will collect your waste cooking oil/hard fats weekly, fortnightly or monthly or to suit you. We provide you with blue bins in which to store your waste. Then on a regular basis, we collect the waste oil. That's it. All with minimum disruption to you. You can concentrate on cooking great food and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your bit to save the planet.

Disposing responsibly
The law now insists that you dispose of your waste oil responsibly, or face a hefty fine. We are fully licenced insured for waste oil collection, and our business is regularly audited to meet all regulations.
Timing that change
Arrow Oils gives expert advice on cooking oil types and product performance so we can help you accurately schedule oil changes. Its important to get that change right to maintain correct flavouring in the food. Arrow Oils can supply kits to check the oil onsite for optimal oil usage.
Used Cooking Oil Collection

Waste Solution - Our Total Waste Solution

170 million tonnes of waste is produced from homes and businesses in England and Wales each year (Environment Agency). Waste that is not recycled goes to landfill. The alternative is waste incineration, but with the associated health risks, many places are rejecting proposed plants. The clear path is to accept responsibility and maximise recycling.

Experts in nationwide catering waste management Managing your catering waste with ARROW is simple. We provide containers you need, then on-call or scheduled collections to pick up the waste, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

We can collect all your catering waste. Food waste is taken to Anaerobic Digestion plants, where its used to generate power. We will also collect confidential waste for shredding.
  We collect all catering waste including: cardboard, plastic, electrical, chemical, glass, metal and wood. Raw waste materials are recycled and re-processed. These materials are then used to make many of the things we see around us such as: plastic chairs, pens, cardboard packaging, recycled paper etc.
Waste Solution - Our Total Waste Solution

Recycling Everything - Protecting The Environment Now and For The Future

Waste oil recycling
Your waste oil is filtered at our purpose built depot and is then sent to be converted into bio fuel, a greener alternative to petroleum diesel that reduces carbon emissions by 78%. Everything, including cardboard and tins gets recycled. 

Recycling on a large scale
We send 5 million litres of waste oil every year to make bio diesel. When converted to biodiesel and used in cars this saves 12.5 tonnes of CO2. Our customers choose us because they can rely on our quality of services, and get to show their customers that they are committed to caring for the environment.

Using Bio fuel
Just to show you how committed we are to a future with renewable fuels, a growing number of Arrow Oils vehicles are run on bio diesel.

Recycling Everything - Protecting The Environment Now and For The Future

Account Management - We Look After Everything So You Don't Have To

Customer services is a high priority for Arrow. You can expect fast response to enquiries, collection scheduling and problem solving. Our dedicated team is centralised so wherever you are you need only ever make one call.

Our friendly customer services team will answer your oil management questions and our in depth knowledge enables us to advise you on suitable products. We appreciate that you work to strict regulations and tight budgets. Most of all, you're busy and need someone you can rely on.
Holding an account with Arrow takes the stress out of oil collection giving you more time to concentrate on cooking. We have a paper trail and computer database which allows track orders. With 100+ vehicles we have you covered. Our central office will liaise with your local depot to take care of everything for you.
With regular reporting you have control Arrow produce regular reports containing collection statistics. Multi site customers find them crucial in fine tuning control over their cooking oil management.
Account Management - We Look After Everything So You Don't Have To

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